53 Minecraft Tips and Tricks That Will Make You A Better Survival Player

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53 Minecraft Tips and Tricks That Will Make You A Better Survival Player

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Whether you’re absolutely new to the game or consider yourself an advanced Minecraft player, this helpful resource is filled with tips, tricks, and strategies that will assist you in dominating the Minecraft world.

While reading through this post if you happen to think of something useful comment about your thoughts so that we can share your ideas with other Minecraft Players!

Useful Minecraft Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

  • Using lava to cook food or smelt items
  • Storing valuables in an ender chest
  • Using gold nuggets to create golden healing food
  • Making a sugar cane farm
  • Replant trees after gathering wood
  • Creating double chests
  • Mining around a diamond block first
  • Always place torches on your left-hand side while exploring caves
  • Farming hay bales as you see them
  • Taking on iron golems for iron
  • Using food items that have higher saturation levels
  • Always keeping a flint & steel on you
  • Knowing when to use coal blocks instead of individual coal
  • Crafting a bucket as soon as possible
  • Preserving the bottom block of the tree when farming wood
  • Organizing resources
  • Sleep at least every 3 days
  • Lifting up your surrounding area
  • Mob proof your base
  • Creating a farm powered by villagers
  • Building zombie/skeleton farms around spawners
  • Trading with Piglins
  • Creating a villagers trading hub
  • Using fences instead of doors
  • Carrying different potions with you depending on what you’re doing
  • Find as many totems of undying as you can
  • Creating different sets of armor
  • Fishing for enchantment books
  • Using fortune iii when mining diamonds
  • Never make golden equipment
  • Knowing when to use different enchantments
  • Knowing what ores to use silk touch for
  • Making backup equipment sets
  • Making a shield
  • Equipment before building projects
  • Using a lodestone in the nether
  • Leaving a resource trail in the nether and end city
  • Wearing at least one piece of gold armor in the nether
  • Using beds to fight the ender dragon
  • Using melee combat on the dragons head
  • Build around your portal in the nether
  • Writing down your default spawn location
  • Making your base near your default spawn location
  • Calling a village home especially at the start of your Minecraft journey
  • Having a beacon close to your base
  • Learning how to use Redstone
  • Building large projects in a creative world first
  • Crouch while walking near edges
  • Don’t dig straight down staircase mine instead
  • Attacking with critical hits
  • Playing with friends
  • Playing for fun

Storage and Resource Tips

Get the most out of your Minecraft Resources by using these helpful tips below to manage, organize and utilize your Minecraft resources.

Using Lava to cook food or smelt Items

When you’re in a situation where you want to save your coal for torches instead you should consider using Lava to smelt or cook your items. This is especially useful while in the Nether.

Storing Valuables in an Ender Chest

An Ender chest is like Cloud Storage. You can store your valuables within them and access them from another Ender Chest in a completely different location. Storing your most prized possessions and useful items that you might need after never having thought about bringing them along within an Ender Chest can end up being a real-life saver.

Using Gold Nuggets to create Golden Healing Food

Gold isn’t very useful as tools because the durability is extremely low. This will break your tool in a matter of mining a few blocks. Using your Gold on Food items is a totally different story though.

Making a Sugar Cane Farm

Sugar cane is a very important resource. This is especially true in the late game once you’ve obtained an Elytra. While it is not necessary to make sure you have an Automatic sugar cane farm you should always for the very least bone meal farm Sugar cane. You should also remember to keep at least one Sugar can somewhere safe so that you can make tons out of that one if you ever needed to.

Replant trees after gathering wood

Whenever you’re gathering wood you should always make it a habit to replant trees. This will leave your world looking clean and natural. It also allows you to maintain your wood farming location without having to go further and further out each time. Besides… it’s always a good idea to stay eco-friendly.

Creating Double Chests

It is no secret that a double chest is at least twice as good as a single chest. Using a Double chest to store Shulker boxes in them can save you a lot of Room.

Mining Around a Diamond Block First

You should always consider mining around a Diamond Block before ever taking the actual Diamond. This will ensure that there is no lava beneath the Diamond Block, and will save you from dealing with the traumatic experience it is to have your newly found Diamond burn up infront of your very eyes.

Always Place Torches on Your Left-hand Side While Exploring Caves

Whenever you enter a cave, make sure to always place a torch on the left side of the cave. This will ensure that whenever you need to leave the cave torches will always be on your right-hand side. Allowing you to always keep track of where you are whilst making sure you don’t get lost.

Farming Hay Bales as You See Them

Most players ignore Hay Bales while passing through villages. This means they’re leaving behind 9 Pieces of Wheat for each Hay Bale they pass. Always make sure to collect this valuable resource.

Taking on Iron Golems for Iron

If you don’t already have a full-fledged Iron Farm, it’s sometimes a good idea to take on Iron Golems with your sword. An easy way to do this is by attacking an Iron Golem, running to a safe area, and simply building up at least 3 Blocks. This will ensure that the Iron Golem does not have the reach to attack you, while your sword can reach that far. When an Iron Golem is defeated, Iron will always drop.

Using Food Items That Have Higher Saturation Levels

Different food items have different saturation levels. This means that if you consume a certain food, for example, meat, your hunger bar will go down at a slower level compared to eating something else.

Always keeping a Flint & Steal on you

Having a flint and steal with you at all times is a great idea. You’ll be able to make portals wherever you are, as well as use the flint and steal to attack Cows/Pigs/Sheep before finishing them off with your sword giving you cooked pieces of meat. This saves you from having to find a furnace and some coal just to have a meal.

Knowing When to Use Coal Blocks Instead of Individual Coal

Depending on what exactly you need to have smelted or cooked, knowing whether to use a coal block or an individual coal piece is very helpful. It takes 9 Coal pieces to craft a Coal block, however, one coal block can last a lot longer. Only use a Coal Block if you have a lot of items that need to be smelted or cooked.

Crafting a Bucket as Soon as Possible

Buckets are really important. They can be used to transfer both Lava and Water as well as some fish that reside in the water. Whenever you fall off a cliff a water bucket can save you. Whenever you’re desperate for large amounts of furnace power, a Lava bucket can aid you.

Preserving the Bottom Block of a Tree When Farming Wood

Whenever you’re cutting down a tree, make sure to preserve the Bottom Block for last. This will enable you to hop on to it and reach any blocks that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.

Organizing Resources

At first, you may not need to organize your resources, but over time having too many resources in random chests can become overwhelming, and thus making it difficult to sort through and find whatever you may need at the time. Having a dedicated chest for each useful resource will allow you to always find the items you need whenever you need them.

Passive and Hostile Mobs Tips

Here are some promising tips and tricks that you should take into consideration. These tips are focused on Passive and Hostile Mobs.

Sleep at Least Every 3 days

Legend has it that if you don’t sleep for 3 days, Dangerous creatures will soar above you… These Mobs are known as Phantoms. The lesson that should be taken here is to sleep at least once every 3 days.

Lighting up your Surrounding Area

Lighting up the area that surrounds you is an essential part of staying safe. As you may already know, zombies can spawn anywhere that isn’t lit up correctly. So make sure to light up the areas you are in… unless you are looking to make a Zombie your Life Partner.

Mob Proof your Base

Mob proofing your base is always a great idea. You don’t ever want a Creeper to end up spawning in your base and blowing up all of your hard work.

Creating a Farm Powered by Villagers

Villagers can be extremely handy for many situations. One of these situations includes building and maintaining a Farm that is powered by Villagers. This type of farm can be any farm of your choosing including; Wheat/Bread, Carrots, Beatroot, and Potatoes. However, I highly recommend and personally have a Wheat/Bread farm… AND YES! Villagers can produce bread. 

Building Zombie/Skeleton Farms around Spawners

As a new player, it may be tempting to just destroy every spawner you see to get the XP that comes with it while making sure Zombies won’t ruin your day. Unfortunately, as you become a more experienced player you realize the value that comes with transforming that spawner into a Zombie or Skeleton Farm instead.

Trading with Piglins

Piglins love gold. They love Gold so much that if you drop a Gold Ingot in front of them, they’ll pick it up, and throw something else back at you in return. This could include Ender Eyes…

Creating a Villager Trading Hub

Another scenario where Villagers prove to be useful includes trading with them. Trading with Villagers can quicken your speed run or allow you to gather the very rare Emerald resource to your heart’s content.

Using Fences Instead of Doors

Using Fences in place of Doors has been and probably will always be the go-to move when trying to keep Zombies out of your Survival Home. Zombies can break through doors easily over time but for some reason cannot seem to find a way through a fence. Using a fence instead of a door will ensure your safety.

Equipment, Potions and Enchantment Tips

Below you’ll find great tips for Equipment, Potions, and Enchantments. Make sure to remember these tips!

Carrying Different Potions With You Depending on What You’re Doing

Potions are highly useful. Carrying different Potions with you depending on what you’re currently doing will make your Minecraft journey a whole lot easier. An Example of this would be carrying a fire resistance Potion when you’re in the Nether.

Find as Many Totems of Undying as You Can

Always claim as many Totems of Undying as you can possibly find. These Totems can quite literally save your life as well as save you from the pain of losing items from dying in lava.

Creating different Sets of Armour

You should always consider creating different sets of Armour with different Enchanments on them. Sometimes you may need to traverse through an Ocean Monument and other times you might need Feather Falling Enchanted Boots to prevent death after a Shulker attack.

Fishing for Enchantment Books

When you first acquire a fishing Rod it might be a good idea to fish for Enchantments, for some reason many players don’t actually fish for items and I honestly have no idea why. It’s one of the easiest ways to get Enchantments, Enchanted Bows as well as food.

Using Fortune III When Mining Diamonds

Whenever you’re mining any valuable resource you should always make sure to use Fortune III. A player using the Fortune III pickaxe to mine Diamonds will end up with significantly more Diamonds than a player who doesn’t.

Never Make Golden Equipment

Just no. I said No.

Knowing when to use different Enchantments

All enchantments are good in their own way. Knowing when to use different Enchanted Equipment is the key to having a successful journey.

Knowing What Ores To Use Silk Touch For

Knowing what Ores to use Silk Touch for can be very useful information. An ore that you might consider using a Silk Touch pickaxe to mine is Nether Gold Ore. When mining Nether Gold Ore with a Silk Touch pickaxe you’ll obtain the block itself and you can smelt this block in a furnace to extract a Golden Ingot.

Making Backup Equipment Sets

Creating a backup equipment set might at first seem like a waste of resources. However, if you ever manage to get completely decimated by a horde of Zombies, you might never be able to get your equipment back… unless you’ve made that backup Equipment set. Trust me, i know.

Making a Shield

A shield can also be very useful. Whenever a Mob with an Axe attacks a player that uses their shield, the mob will get stunned for a few seconds. Shields are also great against Skeletons and their deadly arrows.

Equipment Before Building Projects

While playing Minecraft you may become infatuated with the idea of taking on an insanely huge building project. However, this type of thought should be left for after you’ve acquired good gear. Having better equipment will allow you to Mine and gather the resources you need a lot faster and thus making it that much easier to take on Bigger and Better projects.

Nether and End City Tips

Here are some great tips that will help you traverse and navigate both the End City and Nether effectively.

Using a Lodestone in the Nether

Maps do not work in the Nether. Therefore, the best option to track the locations that you want to track is by using a Lodestone. The only problem with this is that you need to find some Netherite first.

Leaving a Resource trail in the Nether and End City

While traversing through the Nether and End City you may end up getting lost. This is why it’s always a fantastic idea to leave a trail of any block of your choosing. So that if you do end up getting lost.. all you’d have to do is follow the trail you’ve left. While you’re at this don’t forget to make up your bed too, so that if you do happen to have a bad day, you’ll go home to a bed that is made… made by you.

Wearing at least one piece of Gold Armour in the Nether

It is no secret that Piglins are in love with Gold. If you wear a Gold piece of armour Piglins will start to see you as one of their own. This will allow you to pass by them easily without getting attacked.

Using Beds to Fight the Ender Dragon

As you may have noticed, many speedrunners use Beds to end the Ender Dragon. Beds Explode when a player tries to sleep in one while in the End City. You can use this to your advantage by blowing up the Bed whenever the Ender dragon is near.

Using Melee Combat on the Dragons Head

Attacking the Ender Dragon with your sword just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to End that Ender Dragon fast, try aiming for the head as this deals more damage than a strike anywhere else.

Build around your Portal in the Nether

When entering the Nether, the very first thing you should always do is build around your Portal. This will prevent Ghasts from turning the portal off, which would leave you in a very sticky situation.

Bases and Building Tips

Take these useful Building tips into consideration so that you can focus on the fun around Building in Minecraft without having to face these issues.

Writing down your default spawn location

Writing down your default spawn location is a good thing to do. This way whenever a friend joins your world you know exactly where they’ll end up spawning.

Making your Base Near your default spawn Location

Creating your base extremely far away from your default spawn location can become a huge hassle. Every time you end up dying without having set your spawn point you’ll have to travel miles and miles just to pick up where you left off.

Calling a Village home especially at the start of your Minecraft journey

A great place to live when you first start playing Minecraft is within an existing Village. You’ll have access to a lot of good resources and the ability to trade with villagers as soon as you’re ready to do so. Living in a village will give you access to a free bed, some food, and if you’re lucky even a couple of Work Stations.

Having a Beacon close to your base

Having a Beacon close to your Base is a great idea. This way whenever you’re traveling home you’ll know for sure you’re on the right path having that beautiful beam shooting upwards through the sky.

Learning how to use Redstone

Redstone is an essential part of Minecraft. It allows you to build automatic machines that can take you places, and other machines that can farm useful resources without you having to do anything at all. There are tons of resources out on the web related to Learning Redstone. All you have to do is search for whatever you need help with.

Building Large projects in a creative world first

Whenever you’re taking on a Large Building Project, it is better to start out in a creative world. It will save you a lot of time from having to realize you didn’t want this in your survival world in the first place, or that you’ve made a huge mistake somewhere within your plan. It takes a lot less time to build in creative mode. You’ll also know exactly what resources you’ll need if you do plan to take on your project in a Survival world.


Here are some Bonus tips.

Crouch while Walking Near Edges

Whenever you’re walking along an edge it is a good idea to crouch while walking. Crouching while walking locks in your position and can save you from a fall to your death.

Don’t Dig Straight Down, Staircase Mine instead

Consider digging straight down as sinful behavior, you should never dig straight down. Digging straight down may seem like the quickest route from Ground Level to Diamond Level. However, it may end up with you falling to your death or dying in lava. Instead, you should staircase Mine down, this way you’ll have a direct route back up as well.

Attacking with Critical Hits

In Minecraft, in order to do a critical hit the player would need to jump right before swinging their sword. Doing this will deal extra damage and can reduce the amount of time and the number of strikes it takes when taking on Hostile Mobs.

Playing with Friends

Minecraft is fun to play, especially when playing with friends.

Playing for Fun

Always remember that Minecraft is just a game. Don’t take things too seriously. Play for fun and enjoy every moment you spend playing.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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