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All Methods to Farm Orbs in King of Thieves (Very Effective)

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

All Methods to Farm Orbs in King of Thieves (Very Effective)

by | King of Thieves, Mobile Games | 0 comments

Looking for a faster way to collect Orbs in King of Thieves? Well lucky you, we’ve taken the time to figure out every method you can come across to collect Orbs at lightning speeds.

Unlocking Doors

This one is simple. All you have to do is find a dungeon that has brown or purple locks and use your keys to unlock them. There is a small chance that you’ll gain 1-3 orbs for unlocking some of them

King of Thieves Orbs - Unlocking Doors

Leveling Up

Each time a player levels up the game grants 5 Orbs. This strategy works well especially for players who are new to the game as it takes longer and longer to level up as you progress. You can use this strategy hand in hand with the “unlocking doors” strategy as you’ll get all your keys replenished each time you level up.

Winning Leagues

Winning a League in King of Thieves will grant you a Trophy, some Gold, and 150 Orbs. This is one of the best methods used to farm Orbs. You can simply place top 4 and if you get to a point where a league is too hard for you, wait it out and get demoted to the previous, then repeat the cycle until you’re satisfied with the number of orbs you’ve obtained.

King of Thieves Orbs - Winning Leagues


If you’ve unlocked the Arena this also becomes a good way to farm Orbs. You can obtain orbs by simply being promoted to the next arena, or staying in the current one. The current Arena I am in grants 50 Orbs for Promotion, and 45 Orbs for staying in the current Arena.

King of Thieves Orbs - Arena

Completing Missions

The reward for completing each mission ranges between 5-15 Orbs depending on the difficulty of the mission in question. The screenshot below shows the current 3 missions that I have to complete.

King of Thieves Orbs - Missions

Style o’ Thief Machine Duplicates

If you’re familiar with the Style o’ Thief machine then you’d know that if you obtain any duplicate outfits you’ll earn a single orb instead. This is a great method to obtain orbs late game when you’re stacked with tons of resources that you no longer need.

King of Thieves Orbs - Style o Thief Duplicates

Competing in Events

Every week King of Thieves hosts various kinds of events. In these events, there are numerous ways to collect Orbs. Competing in these events is possibly the fastest way to obtain orbs.

Unique Gem Rituals

Whenever you successfully complete a ritual using Unique Gems you’ll gain 15 Orbs. Please note that this method is very risky as you stand a chance to lose your Unique Gem if an enemy makes a successful attack on your base.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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