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Does Roblox “/e free” Work?

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Does Roblox “/e free” Work?

by | Roblox | 2 comments

On the game platform Roblox, there is a special “Avatar Shop” where you can get Avatar Items. For some of these Avatar Items, you will see a comment section. Often, you will see a bunch of comments saying “/e free”. What could this mean?

This does not just occur in the Avatar Shop too. Sometimes you will see players typing “/e free” in different places. Although this is true, most frequently these types of comments are below items in the Avatar Shop.

Will using /e free Work on Roblox?

Since so many players happen to be typing /e free, does it work or not? I have to admit, I had to try using /e free too.

Unfortunely, /e free does not work. Although so many players type this in the chat, you will not get any free items as you might expect. 

When players comment /e free it creates a ripple effect. If one player types /e free, another player might want to try and see what this does. This goes on and on.

Why is Roblox /e free a thing?

Now you might be wondering, why do so many people type /e free when it does not even work?! How did this “trend” start on Roblox?


It is believed that “/e free” was started as a simple troll. Players who bought the item, would comment /e free making other players believe that this is a way they got the item for free when in reality they just purchased the item. The “/e free” comments have been all over Roblox for years.

Additionally, it is worth noting that “/e” simply means “emote” and free just means free of course. This would make these comments mean “emote free” which really just makes no sense!

The /e free comments are just a joke, so do not be fooled. There is nothing you can get out of typing /e free and it all started as a joke. 

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. George

    can i have some free robux please


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