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Graal Classic – All Hidden Chest Locations

Written By Light

Last updated Jul 24, 2021

Graal Classic – All Hidden Chest Locations

by | Graal Classic Gralats, Graal Online, Graal Online Classic | 0 comments

Around GraalOnline Classic there are many chests which you can get items such as Gralats, loot, bombs, etc.. for free! All you have to do is search for these chests in the hidden areas but lucky for you. We’ve got you covered. We will show you all the locations of these hidden chests in this Post. This will make it much easier for you to obtain these free items and for you to make sure you’ve gotten all the chest.

Battle Arena Hidden Chests

To find these first set of chests, you first want to enter the Battle Arena. Once you enter, go into the door to the left. From this room, enter the room above. Go directly to the pathway directly to the right then up and voila! Open your two chests. Containing 100g each.


Azrael’s Nightclub Hidden Chests

For these next set of chests, in Graal city enter Azrael’s Nightclub. Once you enter go all the way to the top room. You will see two sets of tables and chairs on the left and right-hand corners of this room. For the left one sit on the furthermost left chair of this table and move slightly forward and you will be in a hidden room. There are four chests here which you will be able to open for an additional 120 Gralats!


Rail Caves Hidden Chest

To find this chest enter the cave in MoD Town. Walk up to the left and you will be able to find this chest.


Balamb Hidden Chest

To collect this chest you will first have to take the ship Located in Graal City to Balamb Island. Once you’re here, walk towards the bottom right and you will see a chest on the outside of a building. This chest contains a good 30 Gralats. The Screenshots below show the exact location where this chest can be found.


Taylor Richards Hidden Chest

For obtaining the set of chests at Taylor Richards, you will have to enter the Taylor Richards building (which is shown on the map), walk down the stairs, and grab the two chest which contains 5 Gralats each.


Destiny Cave Hidden Chests

To get the Hidden Chests in Destiny Caves you first will have to go to this location on the map


Once here enter the Cave shown below


On entering the cave, you will notice a rat hole on the left side. Use your rat morph to fit through this hole.


Now that you’ve entered, you can grab these 3 chests which have a total of 60 Gralats and a Map.


Miser’s Home Hidden Chests

To find hidden chests in Miser’s Home you first have to go to this location on the map.


If you’ve been here before you’ve probably tried to enter through the front door which just gives you a Note saying “No Entry.


But, don’t worry!
You can enter using the Rat Morph through a small rat hole at the back as shown below.


Now that you’re inside of Miser’s Home you will be able two collect these two chests containing an additional 60 Gralats.


Mafukie’s House Hidden Chests

Now we will have to travel to Mafukie’s House to collect not 1 but 4 Hidden Chests!


This is Mafukie’s House, Enter whenever you are ready to venture through for your prized Hidden Chests.


There are many rooms in this house, just enter the left door as shown below.


You’ve reached your destination and as a reward; you will gain a whopping 6 Gralats, 10 Bombs, and 10 Arrows.


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