Graal Classic – Archer Quiver Quest

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Graal Classic – Archer Quiver Quest

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The “Quiver” is a Tool in GraalOnline Classic which grants you a passive ability to store more Arrows. Without it, the maximum amount of Arrows you can store is 99. The Quiver gives you storage capacity for 101 more Arrows, putting your total Arrow count at 200.


To obtain the Quiver you will need to travel to an Archery Building in Onnet Town. The Map Below shows the Location of this Building.


The Image below shows what the building looks like from the outside, enter here as soon as you are ready to obtain your Quiver.


Once you enter the building you will need to purchase the entry ticket to enter the room on the right-hand side. The chest is not open unlocked so don’t worry about it for now.


After purchasing the entry ticket and walking in, you will notice a training area. Click the Bow Button at the bottom of your screen to give it a try. You will need to get 2000 Points to receive the key to the chest.


Now that you have 2000 Points, the man in the room will give you a Key. This Key can be used to open the chest in the first room of this building.


You can find the Archer Key in the Quests Folder of your Inventory.


Once you have the Key, all you will have to do is open the Big Chest in the first room. You can obtain another item by going back and gaining 4000 Points. This will be an Archery Hat.

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