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Graal Classic Bear Quest | Bear Hat and Morph Items

Written By Light

Last updated Jul 24, 2021

Graal Classic Bear Quest | Bear Hat and Morph Items

by | Graal Online, Graal Online Classic | 0 comments

With completing the Bear Quest, you will be able to obtain the Bear Morph and Bear Hat items. This quest will also enable you to speak to the Indians (by learning their hieroglyphics). This means you will have access to purchase items from shops in The Big City Caldera. If you are interested continue on!

In order to get to The Big City Caldera you will first have to go to the Big City Transport which is shown below on the Map. When you are here talk to the NPC steering the ship. Click yes and he will sail you to The Big City Caldera which is where you will complete your quest.




Once you are at The Big City Caldera. Go to this location on the Map.


Here, you will see 6 Boulders in a circle. Swim to the middle of the circle and use your flippers. This will lead you into a secret cave.


Once you are in this cave, walk all the way until you see an entrance way. Enter the entrance way you see.


Now from that entrance way, walk until you see two red rocks on the ground.


Now, stand on the two red rocks and run forward. You will be able to jump inside the tree shown in the image.


Inside this tree, use your shovel to dig until you find a Petrified Note.


You can find the Petrified Note in the Quest Folder of your inventory. To now exit this place, walk forward on the part of the cliff with no ridges. Once you’ve done this, just walk out by using the exit way.


You will be back on the mainland of The Big City Caldera.


Now, walk to this location on the Map. This will be the Archaeologist Site. Give your Petrified Note to the Head Archaeologist. Once you have done this, go back to the place you exited from.


You will see 3 Archaeologist working hard here. Talk to the Head Archaeologist again and he will give you a book of Archaeologist’s Notes.


Below is the Archaeologist’s Notes. Having this will allow you to speak to the Indians of The Big City Caldera. You will always keep this item and it is located in the Quest Folder of your inventory.


Next, you will need to go to the hut at the top of the mainland here. More specifically, right of the Volcano you see on the Map.


You will see the NPC Chieftain inside here. Speak to him and when he ask you to listen, go and listen to him. You will hear a story about his past and when he asks for help, click yes to help him find his lost necklace. He will give you a hint on which location you will have to dig at in order to help him. This location will be within The Big City Caldera but the place you will have to dig at here is different for everyone. Just make sure to use the hint he gives you.


Based on the hint Chieftain gave me, I am digging here, but dig where you have to. Also, if you have forgotton the hint Chieftain said, you can go back to him and he will remind you. It may take awhile to find his necklace but be patient and keep digging.


Once you have found Cheiftain’s Lost Necklace. Bring this necklace back to Chieftain.


Chieftain will be greatful you found this and give you the Bear Hat as a reward.


Next, to get the Bear Morph go to this location on the Map.


This is the outside view of the hut you will need to go inside.


When you are inside this hut, make sure to wear your Bear Hat and speak to the NPC shown in the image below. He says you connect to the Bear Spirit very well. You will end up obtaining the Bear Morph from connecting to the spirit so vividly.


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