Graal Classic Firefighter Quest| Firefighter Hat

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Graal Classic Firefighter Quest| Firefighter Hat

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With the completion of the Fire Fighter Quest, you will be able to obtain the free Destiny bomb and the free Destiny hat. You can find out how to collect these items by following our step-by-step illustrated guide titled “—“.

For the next part of this quest, go to this location on the map.


Here, you will be right outside of Graal’s Fire Department.


Enter the Fire Department and walk all the way up the stairs.


Once you have reached the top floor of the Fire Department talk to the Firefighter circled in this image


After talking to that Firefighter, all the Firefighters will exit by going down the circled pole. Do the same as them, and exit here.


Once you are down, grab one of these Water Vases circled and make sure hold onto it.


Walk with your water vase all the way to the location shown on the map.


Enter here while still holding onto your water vase.


Once you are inside walk up the stairs and avoid the Lizardons so you will not drop your water vase. Bring your water vase up to the fire and put the first flame out. All you have to do is throw this water vase on the flame.


Next you will do this again, but with the other water vase in the fire department.


Now that you have burned the fire down right here walk up through this entrance.


Speak to these firefighters. It seems they are stuck inside here. They don’t want to walk past the Lizardons. You will need to find another Exit.


To let these firefighters free, place a bomb exactly where it is shown on the image. This will create a passageway for the firefighters to exit from.


Next walk back to the fire department and speak to the Lead Firefighter again and you will receive a Firefighter hat as a reward for helping out


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