Graal Classic Flippers Quest | Illustrated Guide

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Graal Classic Flippers Quest | Illustrated Guide

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After completing the Traders Quest, You will now be able to talk to the Toll Guy, who is thankful for the fishing line you brought him and wants to repay you by selling you the next fish he catches for 500 Gralats. Go ahead and farm 500 Gralats if you do not have any Gralats on you already. Pay him and wait until he gets his next catch. It just so happens that the next fish Toll Guy catches is an Arapaima, a very rare fish. As agreed, he will give it to you.

Press “Yes” to spend 500 Gralats in order to receive this rare Arapaima Fish the Toll Guy will give you. This is the first step towards getting flippers after the Traders Quest.

This is the Arapaima Fish the Toll Guy catches for you. Looking in your quest folder, you’ll be able to equip this fish if you’d like.

Once you’ve received the fish from the Toll Guy you will have to take it to a secret cave where a Zorbi who loves rare fish will be. The Map below will lead you into the underground Rail Cave of Graal.
Follow the path below to reach the entrance of the Zorbi’s secret Hideout.

When you arrive at this location, swim through the waterfall. This is the entrance way to the Zorbi who needs this fish.


After swimming through this waterfall, you’ll notice there is something swimming in circles in the water. Step on the central platform, equip your fish and click on the button you have it equipped. This will entice the Zorbi to approach you since Zorbis love the smell of Fish.


Give the Zorbi your Arapaima Fish.


In return for the fish, the Zorbi gives you a Rusty Key. Now you can use this key to open the chest above.

Inside this chest are your flippers. Now you will be able to collect loot from under the waters!

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