Graal Classic Food Collection

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Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Graal Classic Food Collection

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Hello, I am K4Y (Ohana). I collect Graal foods on Graalonline Classic. All of my Graal foods are displayed in my house which you can visit by searching for my Graal name cool.

I have been collecting foods since 2015. I used to do this with my friends back then, but now there are a lot more foods I can display in my house!

The reason I decided to start a food collection was simply because I love collecting things. Additionally in my Graal House, I collect pets, balloons, and chairs. In real life I have a collection of lip balms and erasers (thank you mom and dad for the gifts). 


Starting your own food collection

Starting your own food collection takes time and gralats. Each Plate Costs 300 Gralats. The prices of food varies but they are typically under 100 Gralats. 

To obtain food items there are a couple of options you can take.

– Waiting for events and/or collecting daily food items

– Asking friends and/or PMing strangers on Graal to donate food items for your collections

These are both options I have done in order to have a huge collection of food!

The foods in K4Y’s House

**Additonal Note**

Sorry if I bucher any of these food names. I do not mean to offend anyone’s culture by getting the food name wrong. <3

Food Region + Year
Japanese Nexus (2014)
Anniversary Event (2014)
Easter Onnet General Store (2014)
Space Nexus (2015)
Summer (2015)
4th of July Revolution (2015)
Fairytale Nexus (2015)
Thanksgiving Revolution (2015)
Saint Patricks Day Onnet General Store (2016)
Cinco de Mayo (2016)
Sports Nexus (2016)
Summer (2016)
Sharks Day Onnet General Store (2017)
Acorn Vendor
Onnet School Cafeteria
Mod Carnival
Thanksgiving Revolution (2017)
Retro Nexus (2017)
Easter Onnet General Store (2017)
Joint (2018)
Unicorn Vendor
4th of July Onnet General Store (2019)
Summer Joint (2019)
Superhero Nexus (2019)
Rain Event Onnet General Store (2019)
Cinco de Mayo Onnet General Store (2019)
Fairytale Nexus (2020)
Easter Grove (2020)
Glitch Event, Japanese Nexus (2020)
Pirates Day Revolution (2020)
LNY Onnet General Store (2021)
Valentines Gift Chocolate (2021)
Cinco de Mayo Revolution (2021)
Daily Foods
Type of food
Shrimp Tempura, Rice Balls, Salmon Sushi Roll, Crawfish, Fish, Calamari, Eggroll, Shrimp Sashimi, Mochi, Karaage, Dango
Anniversary Cake Slice
Chocolate Egg (5 Variations)
Star Cookie, Alien Squid, Slime Burrito, Spacesicle, Tentacle Dog, Tentacle Burger, Celestial Cupcake, Spacecream
Pink, Blue, & Purple Cottoncandy
Cooked Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Turkey Leg
Chocolate Coin
Energy Bar
Shark Cupcake
Unknown Food, Lasagna (2 Variations), Sandwich (2 Variations), Apple Half, Pretzel
Winners Cookie
Corn on the cob, Cranberry Pie
8-Bit Lemon, 8-Bit Strawberry, 8-Bit Cherry, 8-Bit Watermelon, 8-Bit Beer, Barrel Juice (5 Colors), Soda (5 Colors), Fish Snacks (6 Colors), Popsicles (3 Colors), Slurp Juice
Easter Treats (3 Variations)
Honey Milk Bread, Ambrosia Salad, Tiramisu, Croissant
Pink Unicorn Poop, Unicorn Cookie, Rainbow Drink
Cakes (3 Variations)
Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Mango
Ying Yang Cookie (2 Colors), Superhero Cookie (2 Varitations)
Frog Cookie (2 Colors), Frog Cupcake (2 Colors)
Apple Pie, Apple Cookie, Green Apple, Eat Me Cookie (3 Colors), Cake (7 Variations), Duck Cookie
Easter Cookie (3 Variations)
Kakigori, Ramen Noodles, Udon Noodles, Bento Box, Melon Pan, Squid, Shrimp Sashimi, Uni Gunkan, Tamago Nigiri, Puku Puku Tai, Senbai, Yakitori, Daifuku, Takoyaki, Harajuku Crepe, Omurice, Etc...
Baked Potato, Saltine Cracker
Fortune Cookie
Chocolates (Several Colors and Variations)
Tamale, Tortilla, Barbacoa Taco
Castle Food, Leaf Cookies (3 Colors), Choco Milk, Pot Pie, Wolf Cookie, Cornbread, Chocolate Color Banana, 4th of July Cake, Anniversary Cookie (3 Variations), Halloween Eyeball Cookies (3 Colors), Police Donut, Classic Food, Dipped Cookie, Glitch Burger, Etc...
Fruits, Vegetables, Cupcakes, Pirates Food, Saint Patricks Day Food, Etc... A BUNCH OF FOOD OKAY.

Wow, this was a lot to write. I did the best I could off my memory. <3

The Foods in K4Y’s Inventory


If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. James Kyro

    Hey helping my friend look for Alice in wonderland foods or picnic foods so she can work on finishing her collection. Wondering if you got spare


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