Graal Classic – How To Get Monkey Hat (Summer Festival 2021)

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Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Graal Classic – How To Get Monkey Hat (Summer Festival 2021)

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How to get the Monkey Hat

Woo hoo! Graal Online Classic has a brand new Summer Festival Event. There is a quest to get a Monkey Hat for completely free. Follow a simple quest to save a Monkey on top of Bamboo.

Watch our Youtube video below to see how to get this Monkey Hat easily. If you have any questions about the Summer Festival Event, leave a comment.

Stack the NPCs so you can climb up the bamboo and claim your monkey!

Graal Summer Festival 2021 Items

Summer Festival Food Stand – All these foods are 30 Gralats Each!


Summer Festival Ice Cream Stand – Purchase Ice Cream for 100 Gralats Each.


Summer Festival Bamboo Stilts – Purchase for 8,500 Gralats Each. There are 2 variations.


Summer Festival Hat & Accessory Stands – Most of the Hat and Accessory Stands have exclusive rotating hats.


Summer Festival Fireworks – These fireworks have a new design, purchase while you can.


Summer Festival Bamboo – Stylize your House with Bamboo Furniture.


Summer Festival Stalls – Stylize your House with Stall Furniture.


Summer Festival Carabao Mounts – Purchase for 8,000 Gralats There are 6 variations.


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