Graal Classic – How to get Swimming Goggles & Its Uses

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Graal Classic – How to get Swimming Goggles & Its Uses

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Swimming Goggles is a tool in GraalOnline Classic that works passively, meaning you do not have to have it equipped in order for you to benefit by having it. Here we will guide you on obtaining the item in-game tell you about its passive features.


In order to obtain these Swimming Goggles, there are a couple of other things that you are required to have. Below we will cover what you will need to have at hand before following the rest of this tutorial.


1. An Identified Account

There are many things that you cannot do in GraalOnline Classic until you have an Identified Account. Entering the Bandit Cave are one of those things you cannot do. Read our Post on “How To Identify Your Graal Account” if you would like to learn more about having an Identified Account and how to create one.

2. Flippers

The Swimming Goggles is an Item used to boost the effect your Flippers has, therefore you cannot obtain them until you have the Flippers. Read Our Post on the Flippers Quest if you haven’t gotten your Flippers yet.

3. A Draisine

A Draisine is an Important tool, without it you cannot travel to multiple areas around the map. This includes Snow Town as well as the Bandit Cave, which is essential to complete the quest of obtaining your Swimming Goggles. Below we will show you where you can purchase a “Simple Draisine.” There are other Draisines available for purchase, if you would like to check them out and find out where you can purchase them in-game, read through our Post titled “Draisine Tool.”


Obtaining Your Simple Draisine
A Draisine is a useful tool which allows you to travel to exclusive locations using the railroads. You will need to get to the bandit cave in order to obtain the swimming goggles, and the only way you can do that is by using a Draisine. The location where you get the Draisine from is shown in the screenshot below.
The Image below shows what the Railroad Station looks like from the outside. Inside here, you will be able to purchase a Draisine which costs 4000 Gralats.
Here is the inside of the Railroad Station. To enter, you must go through the left sides revolving doors. The circled item is the Draisine which you will need to purchase. When you are ready to leave, exit through the revolving doors on the right-hand side.
Your newly acquired Draisine will be in the “tools” folder of your inventory.

Where I am on the map shows The Swamp Town Railroad Cave to York Town’s Railway Line, but we won’t be stopping at York Town, we will be going inside the cave.


Over here is the entrance to the Swamp Town Railroad Cave. Using your Draisine, you will be able to reach the Bandit Cave which is necessary for obtaining your goggles.


While using your Draisine to travel through the cave that you entered and you’ll eventually come to a big hole in this Railway. Don’t use your Draisine to cross over this hole. Instead, while you’re in the middle of crossing this hole turn up to cross on an invisible railway. You will be able to make it to the platform above. When you reach that area, place a bomb where you see cracks in the wall to create an entrance way to The Bandit Cave.


When you enter the cave you will notice there are Bandits. Don’t worry about these Bandits though, you can just walk right past them to get to the next area.


Once again, you can walk right past these Bandits, and enter the door above to the next area. You really don’t have to kill them. I just did so I can take a screenshot for you


There are three other cave entrances apart from the one you just came through. One of them is hidden right now between the two barrels, but we will get to that later. There is also a purple “Loot Chest,” which you can open up by pushing the box in front of it to the left. If you want to know more about Loot Chests and the Cave between the barrels you can read through our Article Post on the bandit cave. For now, all you will have to do is enter through the cave that is circled in the screenshot below.


When you first enter this area, you will notice a fountain on your left. If you swim in the little pond and use your Flippers that you have obtained from completing the “Flippers Quest,” your character will swim to a different location.


The Image below shows the location using flippers in the other pond should have taken you to and is the place where you get the Swimming Goggles. All you will need to do is open the Big Chest. Once you have Collected your reward, jump into the water below, and use flippers to resurface at Beryl’s Treehouse (The Bug Witch).


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