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Graal Classic Lantern| Lantern Upgrade & Uses

Written By Light

Last updated Jul 24, 2021

Graal Classic Lantern| Lantern Upgrade & Uses

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Here, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the Lantern, Upgrade your Lantern, and the benefits of having a Lantern in GraalOnline Classic. The List of on-hand requirements to have done already is featured below.


2000 Gralats to Purchase a Lantern
200 Gralats for the House Deed

How to Obtain your Lantern Tool in GraalOnline Classic

The map shows the location of the Cave besides Onnet School which is the first place you will have to go to in order to start off your journey to purchase your lantern.


This Image shows the entrance way to the Cave besides Onnet School.


Once you enter, walk all the way to the only other cave exit to leave the cave.


The Cave has lead you to an area above Onnet School. You now need to enter the cave that is circled in red. In this blue circle I have just killed the Rebel Soldiers to protect the Queen of Ohana, K4Y.


Once you have entered this Cave, you will be able to purchase your Lantern from the NPC above for 2000 Gralats.


How to Upgrade your Lantern Tool in GraalOnline Classic

In order to upgrade your lantern, you will first have to help Damascus inside the Rat Pub. The Map below shows where the location of the Rat Pub is.


The Screenshot below that shows the inside of the Rat Pub. Simply talk to Damascus to start his Quest. You will need to talk to him over and over again as he does not complete the entire conversation in one encounter.


After you speak to Damascus, you will have to go to The Condemned Building in Onnet Town, which seems to be an excellent location for Damascus to open up his new Blacksmithing Store.


Since you are not able to enter through the front door, you will have to use your Rat Morph to enter through the little hole underneath the door.


When you enter this Condemned Building, you will see Bushes, Grass and Rats. Cut the bushes and the grass. Kill the rats as well. The last rat you kill or bush you cut will grant you what you seek.


There is the Vacant House Deed you need! You must take this to the Graalonline Bank and purchase it to obtain the property.


You will be able to find your Vacant House Deed in the Quest Folder of your inventory.


This is what the Graalonline Bank looks like from the outside. Enter through the front door.


Once you have entered, equip your Vacant House Deed and use it in front of Tyhm (Teller) to purchase it. He will tell you that the House Deed will cost 2 Million Gralats. Refuse to pay 2 Million Gralats for the House Deed, and he will significantly reduce the price to 200 Gralats. Pay for it, and you will receive your House Deed.


The House Deed will be in the Quest Folder of your inventory and you will now have to equip it.


The map shows the location of the Rat Pub which is where you will give your House Deed to Damascus.


Now that you’re inside the Rat Pub you will need to give Damascus the House Deed that you have obtained. To give Damascus your House Deed, you will need to have it equipped. Once you have it equipped, press the corresponding button, you have your House Deed bound to give it to him.


Now that you have given him your House Deed go back to Onnet Town, and you will see that this place is no longer a Condemned House. This place is now called the Northern Furnace. You will be able to enter through the front door now. Walk right in.


Once you walk in, you will see Damascus working hard inside. Walk up to Damascus and speak to him.


You’ll have to wait for a while before Damascus is ready to return the favor. Keep checking back to see his progress.


Once he is ready, all you will have to do is speak to him and he will Upgrade your Lantern.


Benefits of having an Upgraded Lantern

Your Upgraded Lantern can now do a couple of useful things. For starters, you can now deal damage to other players with your Lantern. You can also obtain a Warp Ring and a Warp Gem by completing the “Warp Ring Quest.” The Third thing you can do is obtain a new bomb in Destiny by completing the “Destiny Bomb Quests.”

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