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Graal Classic Map Satchel | Map Locations

Written By Light

Last updated Jul 24, 2021

Graal Classic Map Satchel | Map Locations

by | Graal Classic Quests, Graal Online Classic | 0 comments

The Map Satchel is a useful piece of equipment that can be used to store a bunch of maps that you can acquire by Killing Baddies, Looting, and Finding them in Chests. Here, we are teaching you how to obtain the Map Satchel, helpful tips on locating your maps, and overall just the general basics of the maps and Map Satchel. You can get a variety of items such as hats, gralats, furniture, and much more just for finding these maps. If you want the exact location of every map on GraalOnline Classic click the link at the very bottom of the page and we will show you!



500 Gralats

To be able to purchase the Map Satchel for the price mentioned above, you will first need access to the secret cave where the Map Satchel is sold. To have access to this area you will need the Coin Toss. If you are unsure on how to get the Coin Toss, check out our post titled “Coin Toss Quest | Illustrated Guide.”

You will need to purchase your Map Satchel here.


Once you have your Map Satchel you are now able to store Maps that you can collect by doing a couple of things. Below we will lay out all the different methods of collecting maps.


Map Drops – Maps can be collected by killing Bandits or Pyrats.


Map Chests – There are certain Areas around the Graal where you can find a Map inside a chest.


Looted Maps – While looting, you may find a map.

Once you have a Map at hand you will need to get it deciphered before you can have a look at it. To get your Maps deciphered you will need to get to the Mercator. The screenshot below shows where the Mercator is Located.


The building directly behind me is where you will need to head in when you are ready to decipher your maps.


All you will need to do is talk to the Mercator when you have a Map and he will decipher it for you. The Mercator does 1 free map for you daily. After that, he charges 25 Gralats for a map and doubles that for every map you want to have deciphered after that.

Map Deciphering Pricing goes as follows:

1 – Free

2 – 25 Gralats

3 – 50 Gralats

4 – 100 Gralats


Locating Your Map

Now that you have a couple of your Maps deciphered, you will have to figure out where the map leads to. Below we will cover some tips to help you on your hunt. If you don’t mind spoilers, we have a Page that includes all Map locations linked below as well.

Helpful Tips to aid you on your Map Hunting Adventure:


Step 1: Look at your map and try to figure out the area your map should be located in.


EXAMPLE: If your map has snow in it, it’s probably located in Snow Town.


Step 2: Once you are in the area of where your Map might be located, look at the little details in the picture.
EXAMPLE: If you see grass with a flower, try to find the area with the same pattern of grass (grass with a flower in it).



Head over to our Treasure Map Locations Page


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