Graal Classic Rental Mount | Obtaining the Rental Mount

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Graal Classic Rental Mount | Obtaining the Rental Mount

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If you do not have a Mount already, Graal provides a Rental Mount for completely free! Unfortunately, you can only keep this mount for __. After this time limit, you will have to get this rental again. It does become annoying always having to use a Rental Mount, so I suggest you use the Rental Mount to help you farm Gralats quickly in order to buy a purchasable Mount that you will be able to keep forever.

Firstly, you will have to go to the location on the Map shown in the image below. This is left of the Horse Stables. Talk to the NPC Mallen and she will give you a Horse Whistle.


This is the Horse Whistle! You will find this in the Tools Folder of your inventory and you will need to equip this Horse Whistle to use.


Once you have gotten your Horse Whistle, you will need to search around Graal for a loose Horse Mount with a Rental Tag on its back (This mount is usually located near Graal City). Get close to this Mount and use your Horse Whistle to lure the Mount closer to you. Lure the horse all the way back to Mallen.


After bringing the Rental Horse back here, speak to Mallen.


Mallen will keep the Rental Mount here until you want to use it. Speak to her if you want to use the Mount.


Now you will be able to use your Rental Mount for ___! Once your time has expired you will have to use your Horse Whistle and bring the Rental Mount back to Mallen again. There is a bypass to this though. If you relog the app, the Rental Mount will already be with Mallen and all you will have to do is speak to her.


Bush5 – Speeding Up Your Mount

If you want your Rental Mount to go faster you will have to eat the bushes around Graal. All you have to do is ride your Mount in front of a bush and tap the bound button to the Mount. These bushes make your mount faster. You will loose speed when a Player or Baddie hits you and you will have to eat more bushes to go faster.


When you eat a bush you will see how many bushes the Mount has eaten right below the Mount. These bushes indicate how fast the Mount is on a scale of 1-5. The Mount can consume 5 bushes at max (if you have not been hit).


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