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Graal Classic Shovel Tool | What can you do with the Shovel

Written By Light

Last updated Jul 24, 2021

Graal Classic Shovel Tool | What can you do with the Shovel

by | Graal Classic Tools, Graal Online, Graal Online Classic | 0 comments

The Shovel has grown to be an increasingly popular tool over the past few years of Graal with new uses. In this post, we will cover how to obtain the shovel and its various uses.


Getting Your Hands On A Shovel

To obtain the Shovel Tool you will first need to enter a secret cave hidden behind a waterfall. The Screenshots below show the location of this cave.


On entering the Cave you will notice another Zorbi. You will need to speak to him in order to compete in a timed race which he will charge you 5 Gralats for every try. You will have 30 Seconds to complete this race. The Image below shows the layout of the race track.


Once you have completed this race successfully, you will receive the Shovel.


What Can You Do With The Shovel Tool

You can dig holes with your shovel with a chance to find either Bombs or Arrows. You used to be able to find worms in the ground too, but unfortunately this was removed.


You can also create Landmines by simply digging a hole and placing one of your bombs inside. The screenshot below shows an example of this using the default bomb.


Sometimes there will be an in-game event where the admin will hide multiple chests in specific locations. Having the shovel enables you to participate in these events which you can obtain cool Hats when digging up a chest. During Easter time, you will also be able to find Easter Eggs hidden in the ground. When it is Halloween, you will also have the ability to dig down towards Pandora’s box where you can then open it and unleash hundreds of ghostly beings for an exciting Halloween experience.

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