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Graal Classic VIP – VIP Benefits

Written By Light

Last updated Jul 24, 2021

Graal Classic VIP – VIP Benefits

by | Graal Online, Graal Online Classic | 0 comments

On GraalOnline Classic you are able to pay Gralats for a VIP Membership Subscription in order to become a VIP Graalian. Here, we will show you the benefits of being a VIP Graalian and the items you could get being VIP. We will also describe the VIP Memberships and the deals you could get with purchasing different Memberships. All the VIP Memberships give you the same benefits and items but you could save Gralats by purchasing longer VIP Membership Subscriptions.

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VIP Subscriptions

Firstly, if you are interested in purchasing VIP there are 4 subscription plans you could choose from.


The Bronze subscription cost 7,500 Gralats and allows you to be a VIP Graalian for 1 month (30 days). I recommend that you do not buy the VIP subscription on the first day of the month because if you buy the subscription any other day of the month you will be able to get 2 months worth of monthly VIP items. This is because the VIP Subscription lasts a full 30 days.


Next, you can purchase the Silver VIP subscription. This subscription cost 21,500 Gralats. Since this VIP subscription gives you 3 months of VIP (90 days), purchasing this subscription instead of 3 Bronze VIP subscriptions will save you 1,000 Gralats.


Next is the Gold VIP subscription which cost 42,000 Gralats and enables you with 6 months of VIP (180 days). This will save you 3,000 Gralats if you purchase this instead of purchasing 6 Bronze VIP subscriptions.


Lastly, there is a Platinum VIP subscription. This subscription lasts a full year (365 days). Purchasing this cost 81,000 Gralats and will save you 9,000 Gralats if you were to purchase the Bronze VIP subscription 12 times.

How to Subscribe for VIP

To subscribe to VIP you first will have to go into the menu. Once you are in the menu, click where it says VIP. You will be able to see the monthly VIP Mount/Morph and information on some of the VIP features on the “About” page. To get to the subscription plans click the page that says “Subscribe”. You will be able to view and purchase all 4 of the VIP Subscription Plans.

Benefits of being a VIP Graalian:

  • Monthly Exclusive Mount/Morph
  • Body Color Expansion Pack
  • Access to the Oasis Island
  • Ability to sell certain loot items to the NPC Joshua
  • Cheaper prices for Mod Carnival Events
  • Access to the VIP section of the Mod Carnival Gems Quest.

Monthly Exclusive Mount/Morph

Every month in Graal you will get a Mount or Morph exclusive to that month’s VIP subscription. The Morphs you get from your VIP subscription will be stored in the VIP Folder of your inventory and the VIP Mounts you obtain will be stored in the Mounts folder, being stored with the rest of your Mounts.

Body Color Expansion Pack

As a VIP Graalian you will have over 120 exclusive VIP colors to wear on your avatar as a Graalian. This will help you stand out in the crowd as Graal Classic says, but everyone seems to just wear black…

Access to the Oasis Island

Being a VIP Graalian, you of course get access to a private VIP Island. This is called the Oasis Island. Unfortunely, people only seem to go there when they first get VIP.

Ability to sell certain loot items to the NPC Joshua

Inside the VIP Oasis Island you will be able to sell certain loot items to an NPC named Joshua to earn more Gralats from looting. To find out more information on what loot you can sell to Joshua click here:___.

Cheaper prices for Mod Carnival Events

As a VIP Member you will be able to participate in the Mod Carnival Events for a cheaper price. This has been very helpful to many Graalians since 2018 (when Mod Carnival Events were established) because the Mod Carnival Events are a common Graalian activity that could win you many special hats or other items.

Access to the VIP section of the Mod Carnival Gems Quest.

Inside the Mod Carnival there is also the Mod Carnival Gems Quest. This is a quest where you can obtain new accessorys from for completing each different quest. For each quest, there is a VIP version as well. Being a VIP member you will be able to participate in the VIP version of this quest and obtain more accessories. We will soon do a guide covering the Mod Carnival Gems Quest and link it here when we are done.

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