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Graal Classic Warp Ring Quest | All Gem Locations

Written By Light

Last updated Jul 24, 2021

Graal Classic Warp Ring Quest | All Gem Locations

by | Graal Classic Tools, Graal Online, Graal Online Classic | 0 comments

Here, we will show you how to complete the Warp Ring Quest and All the Warp Gem Locations on GraalOnline Classic. Completing the Warp Ring Quest enables you to warp to any of the Warp Gem Locations making traveling on Graal much easier. Instead of walking everywhere, you could simply use the Warp Ring and warp to locations near your ideal destination. This is a very useful quest to complete if you’re tired of having to walk far to different locations around Graal.



Upgraded Lantern


To complete the Warp Ring Quest and Collect all Warp Crystals, You are required to have an Upgraded Lantern. If you do not already have an Upgraded Lantern, don’t Worry. We got you covered. Just read through our Post titled “Lantern | Lantern Upgrade | Lantern uses” under the Upgrade section.

Coin Toss

The Coin Toss Quest also needs to be completed to obtain all 3 Warp Crystals. Read our post on the “Coin Toss Quest” if you do not already have the Coin Toss.

Rat Morph

If you’ve been struggling to get the Rat Morph or didn’t know how to get one, we have an Article just for you titled “Rat Morph Quest.”


Obtaining The Treasury Key

To start this quest, you will first have to go to this building on the very left-hand side of the castle, The Guards Post. In here, you will need to collect the Treasury Key.


The video below shows myself obtaining the Treasury Key for this quest. Watch to see how to navigate through this building without any guards catching you while being able to steal the Treasury Key at the same time successfully.

Making Your Way To The Treasury Room

Once you have obtained The Treasury Key, you will need to get to the Treasury Room. To reach the Treasury Room, you will first have to enter through the front entrance of the Castle. The image below shows me in front of the castle.


Now that you have entered, you will need to walk up the left stairway and walk through the entrance circled in red.


From here, keep heading left and enter the next passageway.


Once you have entered here, you will see two other entrances. Enter the entrance on the upper left-hand side (the door without the stairway).


Walk straight forward from here to reach the end of the hallway. You will need to enter the doorway at the end.


Now that you’ve entered this room, you will notice there are four candles, but only three of them are lit. Equip your lantern and light the candle that has not been lit yet. After doing this, you will see the wall with the right-most candle ascend and reveal a hidden room. This is the Treasury Room


In this room, you will see a large chest in the middle. Open this chest, and you will get your Warp Ring. You may also open the smaller chest for 130 Gralats


You will be able to find your Warp Ring in the Tools Folder of your inventory.


Collecting All 3 Warp Crystals

Next, you will need to get the three warp crystals. These three warp crystals activate 3 different pedestals of your choice around Graal that you can warp to. To get your first Warp Crystal, you will need to equip your rat morph and enter the little rat hole you see in the Treasure Room.


It will be very dark but walk up, then walk all the way to the right, walk down, and this will lead you to your next room. The Kings Bedroom.


In this room, open the chest, and you will get your first warp crystal. You can place this on any warp pedestal you see, and you will be able to warp to that spot. Make sure to enter the Kings Bedroom only when he is asleep. If you come at any other time, the Kings Maid will be here awake, and you will not be able to get the Warp Crystal.


You can find your Warp Crystal in the Tools Folder of your Inventory.


To obtain the 2nd Warp Crystal, Equip your Warp Ring and press the bound button. The image shows the Warp Gem Locations you can go to. Click where it says “???”.

Graal Classic Unknown Location

You will warp to the location shown in the image. Go up to the pedestal and use your glove button to take the Warp Crystal off.


Now you will have another Warp Crystal you can use.


Lastly, for obtaining your 3rd Warp Crystal go into the Cave in Destiny and use your coin toss on the metal door. You will now be in this room which you can purchase a 3rd Warp Crystal for 8000 Gralats.


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