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Graal Era Background & Status Codes (100+)

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Graal Era Background & Status Codes (100+)

by | Graal Online, Graal Online Era | 0 comments

Are you ready to stylize your Graal Era Status? Check out 100+ Graal Online Era Background and Status Codes!

Graal Online Era Background Code List:

If a Code does not work for you.

Please comment about it at the bottom of this page.

Make sure to put “<” before and “>” after each code.

body background=era_jeff-redbg.png
Red & Black (Darkest Shades)
body background=era_jeff-redbg2.png
Red & Black (Medium Shades)
body background=era_jeff-redbg3.png
Red & Black (Lightest Shades)
body background=bkg_red
Red Gradiant
body background=bkg_orange
Orange Gradiant
body background=bkg_yellow
Yellow Gradiant
body background=bkg_green
Green Gradiant
body background=bkg_blue
Blue Gradiant
body background=bkg_purple
Purple Gradiant
body background=bkg_pink
Pink Gradiant
body background=bg_heart
Red Shades
body background=bg_love
Pink to Green Gradiant
body background=bg_forest
Purple to Green Gradiant
body background=bg_rain
Rain Background
body background=green
Neon Green
body background=red
Red BG
body background=orange
Orange BG
body background=yellow
Yellow BG
body background=white
White BG
body background=black
Black BG
body background=blue
Blue BG
body background=purple
Purple BG
body background=brown
Brown BG
body background=gray
Gray BG
body background=silver
Silver Balls
body background=bg_shadow
Black Shadow
body background=bg_snk
Purple to White Gradiant
body background=xm_2_s
Black and Orange
body background=vinz_chess
Chess Squares
body background=vinz-bwbbg
White fading to Black
body background=shock
"Shock" BG Design
body background=bg_red
Red Fading to Black
body background=bg_orange
Orange Fading to Black
body background=bg_yellow
Yellow Fading to Black
body background=bg_green
Green Fading to Black
body background=bg_blue
Blue Fading to Black
body background=bg_purple
Purple Fading to Black
body background=bg_pastel
Pastel BG (blue, yellow, pink)
body background=bg_rainbow
Rainbow BG
body background=bg_gold
Gold BG
body bgcolor=#CC8000
Tan BG
body bgcolor=#00FFFF
body bgcolor=#00008B
Midnight Blue
body bgcolor=#7FFD4
body bgcolor=#808000
body bgcolor=#34282C
body bgcolor=#666362
Ash Gray
body bgcolor=#98AFC7
Blue Gray
body bgcolor=#98AFC
Purple Gray
body bgcolor=#1E90FF
Dodger Blue
body bgcolor=#87AFC7
Columbia Blue
body bgcolor=#6698ff
Sky Blue Dress
body bgcolor=#C2DFFF
Sea Blue
body bgcolor=#BDEDFF
Robin Egg Blue
body bgcolor=#8EEBEC
Coral Blue
body bgcolor=#40e0d0
Blue Lagoon
body bgcolor=#43bfc7
body bgcolor=#3ea99f
Macaw Blue Green
body bgcolor=#008080
Seafoam Green
body bgcolor=#033e3e
body bgcolor=#3c565b
Deep Teal
body bgcolor=#307d7e
Blue Moss Green
body bgcolor=#438d80
Greenish Blue
body bgcolor=#ffdb58
Sea Turtle Green
body bgcolor=#ee9a4d
body bgcolor=#b5a642
Brown Sand
body bgcolor=#b87333
body bgcolor=#c04000
body bgcolor=#e67451
body bgcolor=#fa8072
Sunrise Orange
body bgcolor=#f75d59
body bgcolor=#ff6347
Bean Red
body bgcolor=#7d0541
body bgcolor=#b38481
Plum Pie
body bgcolor=#fbbbb9
Rose Dust
body bgcolor=#c25a7c
Deep Rose
body bgcolor=#f433ff
Tulip Pink
body bgcolor=#a74ac7
Bright Neon Pink
body bgcolor=#461b7e
Purple Monster
body bgcolor=#f9b7ff
Blossom Pink
body bgcolor=#966f33
body bgcolor=#786d5f
body bgcolor=#513b1c
Milk Chocolate
body bgcolor=#7e3817
body bgcolor=#cc66000
body bgcolor=#f88158
Basket Ball Orange
body bgcolor=#e78a61
body bgcolor=#550a35
Purple Lily
body bgcolor=#bc8f8f
Rosy Brown
body bgcolor=#ffcba4
Deep Peach
body bgcolor=#e799a3
Pink Daisy
body bgcolor=#fc6c85
Watermelon Pink
body bgcolor=#e45e9d
Pink Cupcake
body bgcolor=#6960ec
Blue Lotus
body bgcolor=#fbfbf9
body bgcolor=#faf0f6

Graal Online Era Status Codes

  1. <img src=era_olirus-2018-ganieffect28.gif>

2. <img src=era_olirus-2018-ganieffect27.gif>


3. <img src=era_olirus-2018-ganieffect26.gif>


4. <img src=era_olirus-2018-ganieffect25.gif>


If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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