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GraalOnline Classic – Looting Guide Where to Sell your Loot

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

GraalOnline Classic – Looting Guide Where to Sell your Loot

by | Graal Classic Gralats, Graal Online, Graal Online Classic | 1 comment

Looting is one of the most efficient ways to earn Gralats on GraalOnline Classic. We will present to you all the different types of Graal Classic Loot you can obtain, as well as the various NPC’s that you can sell your loot to.

When planning on selling your loot, you could sell your loot to Elster for a cheap price all at once or you could move around Graal to different places in order to get a better deal.

All of the loot shown here is categorized by the different places around Graal you could sell your loot (excluding the first loot shown that are special types).

We will show you how to quickly sell these loot items for a better price around Graal and the difference in price between selling the loot to Elster or the other NPC’s at the different places. The special price of the loot is highlighted in orange for each item.

When you first pick up a new piece of loot there will be a text the game gives you as a funny joke/comment about the loot you picked up (some of these only a Graalian would understand). Since you can only see this text once we decided to write down the funny joke/comment next to each loot item so if you ever want a good laugh you can look back at this post. smile

Special Loot

These are special types of Loot. Obtaining these will give you hats, furniture items, and even Treasure Maps!

Live Turtle


You found a Live Turtle. It looks like it wants to go home with you!

Weird Brick

Price 50(g)


You found a Weird Brick. You have an overwhelming urge to smash your head against. Can be turned into furniture.

Seaweed Wrap

Price 75(g)


Zorbi Helmet


You found a Zorbi Helmet. Its seem to has seen its fair share of battles

Narwhal Horn

Price: 75(g)


You found a Narwhal Horn. It’s the unicorn of the sea!

Map in a Bottle

Price: 75(g)


You found a Narwhal Horn. It’s the unicorn of the sea!


If you are interested in earning more Gralats from selling your loot we have arranged the quickest way to sell your loot to different NPC’s around Graal.

The first NPC we recommend you stop at is Jack located in Pyrat Bay. Originally, Jack was located on one of Pyrat Bay’s boats but has now gotten moved into his own tent.

You will be able to sell a variety of loot to Jack for a good deal. These loot items include Gold Doubloons, Silver Doubloons, Ship Helms, and Heavy Anchors.

Gold Doubloon

50g (65g)

Youu found a Gold Doubloon. Arr, ye found some sunken treasure!

Silver Doubloon

15g (20g)

You found a Silver Doubloon. Arr, ye found some sunken treasure!

Ship Helm

15g (20g)

You found a Ship Helm. Wasnt able to guide some unfortunate ship to safety.

Heavy Anchor

15g (20g)

You found a Heavy Anchor. How are you holding that up?

Old Man

2nd, we recommend you sell your loot to the NPC Old Man that is located in the cave between the York and Snow Town Rails. You will be able to sell him an Odd-Shaped Gem which runs for alot of Gralats!

Odd Shaped Gem


You found an Odd-Shaped Gem. It looks oddly similar to a gralat… but also very different, almost other-worldly.


The third place you should sell your loot at is the Stables (You can see where the Stables are on the Map by enabling the “shops” feature) to the NPC Earl. You will be able to sell your Old Horseshoes to him. For each Old Horseshoe you sell him, you will get an extra 5 Gralats so even though you can only sell one type of loot to this NPC, it all adds up in the end!

Old Horseshoe


You found an Old Horseshoe. At least it isn’t a boot.

Owls Nest

The 4th place we recommend you go to after the Stables is the Owls Nest inside the Coin Toss Shop.

If you do not have the Coin Toss (you need the Coin Toss to enter the Coin Toss Shop) you can click below to find out how to obtain it.

How to Obtain the Graal Classic Coin Toss

Graal Classic Coin Toss Quest

Once you are inside the Coin Toss Shop you can sell your loot items to the Owl NPC.

The loot items that you can sell to him include; Water Amulets, Gold Pearls, Magical Crystals, Ornate Rings, Gold Necklaces, and Gold Nuggets. These are a lot of the expensive loot!

Water Amulet

You found a Water Amulet. A very rare magical item, however, the power it held is long lost.

Magical Pearl


Magical Crystal


You found a Magical Crystal. It’s easy to get lost peering into the depths of this crystal.

Ornate Ring

50g (75g)
You found an Ornate Ring. Polished gold with a perfectly set gem. Almost feels magical.

Gold Necklace


You found a Gold Necklace. The lost necklace of an unfortunate swimmer.

Gold Nugget

50g (65g)

You found a Gold Nugget. Don’t tell anyone, or you might start a gold rush!


The 5th place we recommend you stop at to sell your loot is in Swamp Town.

This is where you’ll find the NPC named Floydian.

You will be able to sell Floydian the Fishing Lure, and Old Fishing Hook loot. As usual, this NPC will give you more Gralats for your loot than Elster would.

Fishing Lure

25g (35g)
You found a Fishing Lure. Don’t let it lure you in!

Old Fishing Hook

13g (18g)

You found an Old Fishing Hook. Useless without a line


If you have VIP, the 6th place you should go to is Oasis Island where the NPC Joshua is.

If you do not have VIP skip this one because you are required to have VIP for this 6th location and if you’re interested in how to get a VIP subscription and all of the benefits involved with being a VIP on GraalOnline Classic, simply click the link below.

GraalOnline Classic – VIP Benefits

GraalOnline Classic - Vip Benefits

You will be able to sell Joshua a various amount of loot including Huge Conch Shells, Conch Shells, Star Fish, Sand Dollars, Scallop Shells, and Cone Shells.

Huge Conch Shell

You found a Huge Conch Shell. Somewhere out there, a hermit crab abandoned this to find a larger shell!

Conch Shell

You found a Conch Shell. You can hear the ocean in it.

Star Fish

You found a Star Fish. It doesn’t look like a fish…

Sand Dollar

You found a Sand-Dollar. What’s a dollar?

Scallop Shell

You found a Scallop Shell. Pretty common type of shell.

Cone Shell

You found a Cone Shell. The home of the Hermit Crab.

Taylor Richards

The 7th place we recommend you sell your loot at is The House of Taylor Richard’s in Graal City.

Here, you can sell your loot to the NPC Taylor Richards. The Ruined Scarf and Old Underwear are some of the loot items you can sell to him for a better price!

Ruined Scarf

7g (9g)
You found a Ruined Scarf. Apparently, someone was tired of waiting.

Old Underwear

4g (7g)
You found an Old Underwear. Yuck. Just assume that’s mud.

Rail Connector

The 8th place we recommend you sell your loot at is the Railroad Station in Graal City to the NPC Rail Connector.

You will be able to sell one piece of loot to him which is the Draisine Wheel. For each Draisine Wheel, you sell him you will get an extra 5 Gralats so even though you can only sell one type of loot to him, it still all adds up in the end just like I said with the Old Horseshoe.

Draisine Wheel

13g (17g)
You found a Draisine Wheel, Word is the new models aren’t too reliable…


9th, to sell your loot you should go to The Black Orchid in Mod Town.

You can sell Shiny Mugs and Dirty Mugs to the NPC Raphael. You, unfortunately, cannot earn that much Gralats from Raphael so if you want to save time you could just skip this place and move onto the next, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. You do not gain extra Gralats from selling Dirty Mugs to Raphael and you only get 2 extra Gralats for each Shiny Mug you sell him.

Shiny Mug

10g (12g)
You found a Shiny Mug. Still fairly clean, must have fell recently.

Dirty Mug

2g (2g)
You found a Dirty Mug. You’d think it’d be clean after sitting in this water the entire time!


For this 10th location we recommend, you will need a Draisine or Lantern.

If you do not have a Draisine or Lantern and you are interested in obtaining one click below to find how for either of them. If not, you can simply skip this location.

GraalOnline Classic How to Obtain a Draisine

Find out how to obtain your draisine within this post about obtaining Swimming Goggles and the Draisine.

Graal Classic Swimming Goggles

GraalOnline Classic – Lantern Tool

Graal Classic Lantern Tool

Chainless Flail

50g (75g)
You found a Chainless Flail. Seems to be missing the chain. Probably more useful like this.

Broken Sword

13g (18g)
You found a Broken Sword. No use to you, but maybe someone can fix it up.

Cracked Shield

13g (18g)
You found a Cracked Shield. It’s much too fragile to be used now, but maybe someone can repair it.

Defused Bomb

4g (7g)
You found a defused bomb. Probably safe to handle, probably…

Dull Arrow

4g (7g)
You found a Dull Arrow. Someone has bad aim…

Lantern Seller

The 11th place we recommend you go next is to the Lantern Seller in Onnet Town.

You will be able to sell the NPC who runs the Lantern Stall your Old Lanterns.

Old Lantern

13g (18g)
You found an Old Lantern. That’s what happens when new items are added.

Elsters Cave

Now that you’ve finished selling your loot to the special NPC’s who pay more, you may sell the rest of your loot to Elster.

The cave left of Sardon Tower is where Elster is located. The loot shown below is the loot that you cannot sell to other NPC’s besides Elster.

Wand of Elements

Graal-Classic-Loot-Wand of Elements
You found a Wand of Elements. A wand that emits a faint magical aura.

Dead Coral

You found Dead Coral. Pretty, but mostly useless.

Empty Jar

You found an Empty Jar. Please don’t litter!

Old Boot

You found a boot. We do have a cliche quota to fill.

Dagger of Famine

You found a Dagger of Famine. A dagger of magical sorts, the blade is unnaturally dulled.

Green Graal

You found a Green Graal. YOU DID IT YOU FOUND THE GREEN… oh it’s just a replica.

Blue Graal

You found a Blue Graal. YOU DID IT YOU FOUND THE BLUE… oh it’s just a replica.

Red Graal

You found a Red Graal. YOU DID IT YOU FOUND THE RED… oh it’s just a replica.

Yellow Graal

You found a Yellow Graal. YOU DID IT YOU FOUND THE YELLOW… oh it’s just a replica.

Tarnished Crystal

You found a Tarnished Crystal. It’s a tarnish that cannot be cleansed by normal means.

Imperfect Pearl

You found an Imperfect Pearl. Didn’t form quite right… not very valuable.

Black Pearl

You found a Black Pearl. Perfectly Polished. Will probably fetch a pretty gralat.

White Pearl

You found a White Pearl. Very Shiny and pretty, but also pretty common.

Moon Rock

You found a Moon Rock. A large piece of moon rock, with teal ores protruding from the surface.

Shark Tooth

You found a Shark Tooth. Let’s not think of the mouth it came from.


You found a skull Alas, poor Yorick!

Disabled Nuke

You found a disabled Nuke. Whoa…

Crab Shell

You found a Crab Shell. Yup, no crab in there.

Broken Bottle

You found a Broken Bottle. So old the broken glass isn’t even sharp anymore.


You found a Vase. Hey look, it even healed you a little.

Turtle Shell

You found a Turtle Shell. There’s no turtle in this half-shell.

Gemless Ring

You found a Gemless Ring. Would be more valuable if it still had the gem.

Empty Bottle

You found an empty bottle. is it actually empty if it is full of water?


You found a Rock. Why are you picking up rocks?

Tin Can

You found a Tin Can. It’s a can.


You found Kelp. The perfect face mask!

Flat Soccer Ball

You found a Flat Soccer Ball. It probably took a dive.

Rotten Egg

You found a Rotten Easter Egg. Ack. Putrid!

Sad Sign

You found a Sad Sign. Don’t worry, it doesn’t REALLY have feelings. Maybe…

Broken Goggles

You found a Broken Goggles. Broken beyond repair.

Fish Bones

You found Fish Bones. It almost feels like you’re fishing!

Broken Key

You found a Broken Key. You can use it only in this dungeon.

Sea Sponge

You found a Sea Sponge. It smells faintly of… pineapple?

Hopefully this helped you out. If it did, comment below, we love hearing feedback from our readers.

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  1. Idk

    Hey, the kelp can be sold at “Blooming Botany” in Swamp Town. That’s the garden house with an old woman and her daughter.


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