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How to Dominate the Centre in a Game of Chess (and Why It’s Important)

Written By Light

Last updated May 24, 2023

How to Dominate the Centre in a Game of Chess (and Why It’s Important)

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Chess is a game of strategy, and one of the most important concepts in this game is the control of the centre. This post will break down what this means, why it’s important, and how you can apply it to your own games.

What is the Centre in Chess?

The centre in chess refers to the four central squares of the chessboard: d4, d5, e4, and e5. This area is strategically important because it is the most accessible area from all parts of the board.

What Does it Mean to Control the Centre?

Controlling the centre means placing your pieces (or pawns) on or around these central squares, or orienting your pieces so that they influence these squares.

Pieces That Control the Centre May Not Be Within the Centre Squares

Interestingly, a piece doesn’t necessarily have to be in the central squares to control the centre. For example, a knight on f3 or a bishop on c4 can also exert control over the center by attacking or influencing the central squares.

Why is Controlling the Centre in a Game of Chess Important?

There are several reasons why controlling the centre is crucial:

  1. Mobility: The central squares provide the best access to the entire chessboard, allowing your pieces to reach any part of the board relatively quickly.
  2. Space: Controlling the center usually means you control more space, restricting your opponent’s pieces and providing more mobility for your own pieces.
  3. Attack and Defense: With control of the center, you can easily launch attacks on either the king’s or queen’s side, while also making it harder for your opponent to launch a successful attack against you.

How to Establish Control of the Centre in Chess?

Here are some strategies to control the centre in your games:

Move Your Pieces Towards the Centre

One of the basic principles of the chess opening is to develop your pieces to squares where they control or influence the center. Knights are typically developed to f3 and c3 (or f6 and c6 for black), while bishops are often developed to squares where they can influence the center.

Fight for Space in the Centre

This can be achieved by advancing your central pawns to the 4th or 5th rank, which can help to control the centre and provide more space for your pieces to maneuver.

Neutralize Enemy Pieces That Control the Centre

If your opponent has a piece controlling the centre, you can challenge it with one of your own pieces. This often involves a pawn advance or a piece attack.

Chase Enemy Pieces Out of the Centre

You can chase enemy pieces away from the centre by attacking them with your pawns or other pieces. This strategy is particularly useful against knights, which are often less powerful when pushed to the sides of the board.

Exchange a Flank Pawn for a Central Pawn

In certain cases, you might be able to exchange a pawn on the b or g file for one of your opponent’s central pawns. This can help you gain control over the center.

Expanding Center Control Beyond Central Squares

Although the four central squares are the most important, control of the centre can and should be expanded beyond these squares. You can do this by occupying or controlling additional squares with your pieces and pawns, particularly those in the 3rd and 4th ranks (for black, the 5th and 6th ranks).


Mastering the control of the centre is a fundamental aspect of chess strategy. As you continue to play and improve, remember the importance of these strategies and apply them in your games. The ability to control the centre will provide you with greater flexibility in your strategies, more potential for tactical play, and a significant advantage over your opponents.

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