How to have No Name in Among Us (2021)

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Last updated Apr 1, 2022

How to have No Name in Among Us (2021)

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If you are wondering how to have no name in Among Us (AKA an invisible Among Us Name), you’ve come to the right place.

Learn Step by Step how to have No Among Us Name in game play!

Why it is good to have No Among Us Name

Having a Blank Among Us Name may seem bizarre, but that’s is just why it’s so fun!

Some reasons you may want a Blank Among Us Name…

Trolling! Sometimes, us gamers love to troll. Using a Blank Name is such a fun and creative way of trolling the other Among Us players. They will surely be shocked to see an Among Us player with.. No Name?!

Hiding your Identity! If you have No Among Us Name, no one will know who you really are. No one will have a clue…

Aesthetics! There are times that you look at a gamers name and think to yourself, “What made them inclined to pick this long name”? Occasionally, it is just best to go with the eye-pleasing Blank Name.

Can’t think of a good Name? When you can’t think of a good Among Us Name, just go with no name at all. tongue-out

Can you have a blank Among Us Name on PC and Mobile Devices?

It does not matter what device you are using to play Among Us.  

There is a simple way to have a Blank Name on Among Us no matter your electronic. 

Step by Step Guide on having No Among Us Name

*Update, you can no longer have a Blank Among Us Name as of 2021. We will update this post as soon as we find a way to have a Blank Among Us Name Again*

Step #1.

Copy the Blank Text below. You will not be able to see the text because it is invisible, but there should be a copy button.

Copy Invisble Text Here Below ⇩

Step #2.

Now, head to the Among Us Game App. If you are on Mobile it is important to copy the invisible text before logging on Among Us. This is because you cannot multitask between tabs when playing Mobile Version of Among Us.


Step #3.

After logging onto Among Us, you want to click on your Account.

*example pictures will be shown on BlueStacks*


Step #4.

Simply, edit your name by pasting the invisible text in.


Step #5.

You should see that your name is fully invisible!


Step #6.

Lastly, you can now join or create an Among Us Game with your new name!

Unfortunately, recent updates have caused stricter name restrictions, so this no longer works.


Keep up with Among Us Updates!

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 Join the Official Among Us Discord Server to see game updates and chat with the community!

Check out the Among Us Tweets too!

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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