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Kaeya’s Troubles

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Kaeya’s Troubles

by | Genshin Impact, Story Quests | 0 comments

Kaeya’s Troubles is the first part of Kaeya’s Story Quest Pavo Ocellus Chapter, Act I: Secret Pirate Treasure.

Quest Requirements

In order to begin this quest, the player must first complete the Archon Quest: The Outlander who Caught the Wind – Prologue Act I as well as reach Adventure Rank 5.

Kaeya’s Troubles Step-by-step Guide

Simply Navigate to the quest location to start.

  1. Talk to Kaeya
    use the “F” key to speak to Kaeya
  2. Talk to Kaeya at the meeting spot
  3. Go to the Adventurers’ Guild and listen to their report
    If you talk to Jack and Stanley before Cyrus there will be some additional dialogue options that will not appear after speaking to Cyrus.
    You’ll need to head over to an NPC named “Cyrus” and speak to him.
    select the “We’re looking for…” dialog option
  4. Report to Kaeya

Quest Rewards

8 250 3 3225


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