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Minecraft: How to Increase your Luck while Fishing

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Minecraft: How to Increase your Luck while Fishing

by | Minecraft | 0 comments

In Minecraft, Fishing is a great way to pass time. Using a Fishing Rod, you can fish for cool items.

If you happen to find yourself Fishing often, it could be nice to have some tips to increase your luck while fishing.

What can you get While Fishing on Minecraft?

Although you may have a bit of experience with Fishing on Minecraft already, it is helpful to know what you can get from Fishing before defining what is “lucky” and what is not. There is a fairly broad variety of items you can get from fishing including treasures like Enchanted Bows.

Most likely, you will get a Fish Type Item from Fishing. There is around an 85% chance total of getting Raw Cod, Raw Salmon, Pufferfish, or Tropical Fish. All of these Fish Items are consumable.

Next, there is around a 10% total chance you will get some sort of “Junk” Item. The “Junk” Items are Fishing Rods, Sticks, Bones, Bottles of Water, Bowls, Ink Sacks, Tripwire Hooks, String, Leather Boots, & Rotten Flesh. If you happen to fish Junk Items like Fishing Rods or Leather Boots you will find them almost out of Durability and needing Mending. There is nothing too amazing about Fishing for Junk Items, but still store the Junk for whenever you need it. You never know!

Lastly, there is a 5% total chance of getting a special Treasure item from Fishing. These “Treasure” Items include, Bows with Enchantments, Fishing Rods with Enchantments, Enchantment Books, Saddles, Nautilus Shells, Name Tags, & Lily Pads. These are the best and rarest items to obtain from Fishing!

All Enchantments for a Minecraft Fishing Rod

Something you can do to significantly increase the luck and abilities of your Minecraft Fishing Rod is to add Enchantments.

Before Diving deeper into each Enchantment you can add on a Minecraft Fishing Rod, it is good to know all the possible Enchantments. Different Weapons/Tools can have a different set of Enchantments that are allowed to be used.

Full List of Enchantments Allowed on a Minecraft Fishing Rod…

  • Mending I
  • Unbreaking III
  • Luck of the Sea III
  • Lure III

Some of these Enchantments can be stacked onto your Fishing Rod.

What Enchantments should you place on your Fishing Rod in Minecraft?

The Mending I Enchantment is a must-have for your fishing Rod! Mending causes the XP you get to go into replenishing the durability of your fishing rod. Whenever you fish you will get XP, therefore your Rod won’t break with the Mending I Enchantment.

The Unbreaking (I, II, III) Enchantment is meant to increase the strength of your Fishing Rod causing it to deteriorate slower. This Enchantment is not really necessary to put on your Fishing Rod if you have Mending I on it.

Having the Luck of the Sea (I, II, III) Enchantment will aid you to have more luck while fishing for Items. This is the Enchantment you’ll 100% need to use for better luck.

Lastly, The Lure (I, II, III) Enchantment is also amazing to have. This Enchantment will help you fish more fast.

Presenting the Best Minecraft Fishing Rod Enchantments…

Mending I, Luck of the Sea III, & Lure III


It will cost XP Levels to place Enchantments on your Fishing Rod. The amount of XP Levels needed varies depending on the order you put the Enchantments.

Additional Tips for Fishing on Minecraft

  1. A great time to fish is when it’s raining on Minecraft. When it rains, your Lure becomes even greater. This lets you fish faster!
  2. Fishing outside is best. If there are blocks over your water source, it lessens the lure.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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