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Minecraft Rabbits – Taming, Behavior, Drops

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Minecraft Rabbits – Taming, Behavior, Drops

by | Minecraft | 0 comments

Rabbits are an adorable Passive Mob on Minecraft. These Rabbits can be tamed, leave special drops, and can be used in crafting. Minecraft Rabbits also come in different colors based on the biome they were born at.

If you are excited to learn everything about Minecraft Rabbits, keep on reading. We will also be covering the information on the deadly Killer Bunny. Let us know if you learned something new by commenting below.

Types of Minecraft Rabbits & Where They Spawn

In Minecraft, Rabbits will spawn on either grass, snow, or sand. The type of Rabbit you’ll find depends on the Biome you are in.

No matter what biome the Rabbits spawn at, they will spawn in a group of one Adult Rabbit and two Baby Rabbits.

Now, onto the types of Minecraft Rabbits and their Spawning Locations…

Golden Rabbit


Golden Minecraft Rabbits are the only type of Rabbits you’ll find in a Desert Biome. They will exclusively spawn on Sand.

Brown Rabbit


Brown Rabbits will Spawn on Grass Blocks. They do not spawn in Snowy Biomes but they do spawn in Cold Biomes. For Example, you might find a Brown Rabbit in the Taiga Biome

Brown Rabbit 2


The 2nd variation of the Brown Rabbit spawns in the same places as the first Brown Rabbit. This Minecraft Brown Rabbit just has bigger eyes and white feet.

Albino Rabbit


You will be able to find Albino Rabbits in Snowy Biomes. For example, you might see an Albino Mincraft Rabbit in the Snowy Tundra Biome.

Black Rabbit


The Black Minecraft Rabbit has a 20% chance of spawning in a Snowy Biome and it has a 10% chance of spawning in regular Cold Biome.

Salt & Pepper Rabbit


The Salt & Pepper Minecraft Rabbit has a 40% chance of Spawning in the Flower Forest Biome or other Cold Biomes.

Minecraft Rabbit Behavior

As you might expect, Rabbits cutely hop around. If you quickly approach a Rabbit they will hop away very fast. The only case where a Rabbit wouldn’t be scared is if you were holding a Carrot, Golden Carrot, or Dandelion.

Since Rabbits are a Passive Mob, they will not attack back when hit. Sadly, Minecraft Rabbits have very low HP (only 1.5 Hearts). If Rabbits are lit on fire near a Water Source, they will rush towards that water in attempt to stay alive.

Wild Wolves, Foxes, & Stray Cats will attack nearby Rabbits. As a reaction, Rabbits will try to avoid Wolves.

When Minecraft Rabbits are near a Carrot Farm or Planted Carrots, they will consume the Carrots off the Carrot Plant(s).

Minecraft Rabbit Drops & Crafting

Minecraft Rabbits have notable drops. You are able to incorperate these drops within Crafting.


When you are Breeding Minecraft Rabbits, they will Drop 1-7 Experience. When a player kills a Rabbit the Rabbit will drop 1-3 Experience.

Otherwise, When you kill a rabbit they can drop 0-1 Rabbit Hide. If you kill a rabbit using a weapon with the Looting III Enchantment there will be a chance of 0-4 Rabbit Hide dropped.

To add on, 0-1 Raw Rabbit can be dropped when you kill a Rabbit. If the Rabbit is killed with fire, there will be 0-1 Cooked Rabbit dropped instead. When you kill a Rabbit with a Looting III Enchanted Weapon there is instead a 0-4 chance of Raw/Cooked Rabbit being dropped.

Note: Each Cooked Rabbit you consume will restore 2.5 Hearts of Hunger.

Lastly, when a Rabbit is killed by a player or tamed wolf, there is a 10% chance Rabbit’s Foot will drop. The chance of Rabbit’s Foot being Dropped increases by 3% per Looting Enchantment. For Looting III there would be a 19% chance that Rabbit’s Foot will drop.

Rabbit Stew

Something special you can craft is Rabbit Stew! Consuming Rabbit Stew will replenish 5 Hearts of Hunger.

Materials Required to Make Rabbit Stew

  • 1 Bowl (Note: After consuming Rabbit Stew you will be able to keep the Bowl)
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Mushroom (Red with White Spots) or 1 Brown Mushroom
  • 1 Baked Potato
  • 1 Cooked Rabbit
  • 1 Crafting Table

There are two Recipes to make Rabbit Stew…


Mundane Potion

Mundane Potions can be formed in many ways and one of the Ways is by using Rabbit’s Foot.

Materials Required to Make a Mundane Potion

  • 1 Bottle of Water
  • 1 Rabbit’s Foot

Here’s how you create a Mundane Potion…


Potion of Leaping

The Potion of Leaping gives you a Jump Boost for 3 Minutes.

To create this Potion you’ll need…

  • 1 Awkward Potion (An Awkward Potion is Made with 1 Bottle of Water & 1 Netherwart.)
  • 1 Rabbit’s Foot

Here’s how you create a Potion of Leaping…


Breeding Minecraft Rabbits

In Order to Breed Rabbits, you’ll need 2 Adult Rabbits of any kind.

You can breed them by feeding the Adults either Carrots, Golden Carrots, or Dandelions.

The baby Rabbit will most likely be the same color as one of the Adult Rabbits. Otherwise, there is a 5% they’ll be a different color based on their current biome.

To speed up the growth of a baby Rabbit you can feed it Carrots, Golden Carrots or Dandelions. If you do not speed up their growth, baby rabbits will automatically grow into an Adult after 20 Minutes.

Special Minecraft Toast Rabbit


When you rename a Rabbit “Toast_” they turn into a unique “Dutch” Color. This Rabbit looks a bit similar to the Salt & Pepper Rabbit. No matter the Rabbit type, they can be turned into the Dutch color using this method.

If you Breed a “Toast Rabbit” their Offspring will not be their color. The Offspring will have about a 50% chance to be their ORGINAL Color but not that Dutch color. Keep in mind that Toast Rabbits do not spawn naturally. There is only one way to have Toast Rabbits.

The Minecraft Killer Bunny


The Killer Bunny can only be spawned on Minecraft Java Edition. Unlike Rabbits, The Killer Bunny is a hostile mob. Killer bunnies will attack mobs such a foxes and wolves. They will attack players too and Killer Bunnies do a surprising amount of damage.

In Minecraft Java Edition the Killer Bunny does not just spawn on its own. You will need to type in a command /summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}. The Killer Bunny looks similar to the Albino Bunny but there will be a nameplate over the Killer Bunny’s head reading “The Killer Bunny”.

The Minecraft Killer Bunnies move faster than Rabbits and navigate similarly to a Spider Mob. On top of this, Killer Bunnies are completely invincible from the Thorns Enchantment. Even though the Killer Bunny is a Hostile Mob it can be used for breeding and it is able to be leashed.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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