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Minecraft: Shulker Box Recipe

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Minecraft: Shulker Box Recipe

by | Minecraft | 0 comments

Believe it or not, the Minecraft Shulker Box is one of the most useful items to have. These useful Shulker Boxes can be crafted using items from the End Cities (In The End World). In End Cities you can find dangerous Shulker Mobs that can be defeated for Shulker Shells. These Shulker Shells are used to craft the legendary Shulker Box!

To get a feel of Shulker Boxes, they have 27 inventory slots. You are able to store Shulker Boxes in your inventory and all the items inside the Shulker Boxes will be stored as well. This gives you so much more space to hold items, it is truly insane!

Materials needed to Craft a Shulker Box

The first material needed to craft a Shulker Box is a regular Minecraft Chest.


Next, you will need 2 Shulker Shells. These Shulker Shells are obtained in The End World.


How to get the Materials needed to Craft a Shulker Box

In Minecraft, you will need to CRAFT Shulker Boxes. There is no other way to obtain Shulker Boxes because they do not naturally spawn like normal chests. Within The End World, search around for End Cities. These End Cities will have special Shulker Mobs you will have to defeat for the Shulker Shells materials.

When entering an End City, be sure to carry a strong sword with the Looting Enchantment. This looting enchantment will help you get more items for the mobs you kill, in this case the Shulker Mob. Inside the End Cities, search for Shulker Mobs and defeat them until you get 2 Shulker Shells. If you are wanting to make more Shulker Boxes, defeat more Shulkers for more Shulker Shells. Once you slay a Shulker Mob, it will not respawn so you are likely going to have to search around several End Cities to find many Shulker Shells.

Shulker Mobs can be a bit tricky to kill. These mobs will shoot projectiles at you that deal a small amount of damage but cause you to take a great deal of more fall damage if you are trapped with the levitating effect. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings. You do not want to be in an open space while levitating and drop down all the way to the ground. Make sure there is a ceiling above you and a safe landing place. Whenever you can, wait for the best time to attack the Shulker Mobs and strike! Once again, having the looting enchantment will help increase your chances of getting more Shulker Shells.

Getting a chest needed for a Shulker Box it is quite simple. The easiest way is to search through villages and mine the Chests. Basically, you’ll get a free chest! Otherwise, you can craft your own chest by using 4 wooden planks. It does not matter what wood you use to get a Chest.

Crafting a Minecraft Shulker Box

First note that before crafting a Shulker Box, you will need a Crafting Table. Once you have a Crafting Table place your Chest in the Middle. After, place your Shulker Shells above and below the chest. You will end up getting a Shulker Box by doing this. The Shulker Box will automatically have a light purple shade but you can change this color by Dyeing the Shulker Box.


How to Use a Minecraft Shulker Box

Minecraft Shulker Boxes are like enhanced chests. When you place a Shulker Box down, you can open it and see that it was 27 open inventory slots. The Shulker Box opens in a pretty fancy way as well.


The special part of a Shulker Box is that you can break the Shulker Box and pick it up while all the items in the Shulker Box are kept in this Box. For example, you can have 27 stacks of 64 dirt blocks in 1 Shulker Box while storing 27 Shulker Boxes in your inventory. Wow, that is a lot of storage! You are able to place your Shulker Boxes back down whenever you want. Trust me, it is pretty nice having a portable chest.

To hold a bulk amount of valuables, you can even place your Shulker Box in an Ender Chest. You are going to be obsessed with these Shulker Boxes!

I also recommend storing extra items in a Shulker Box such as food, armor, weapons, and totems of undying. You’ll never know what you may need on an expedition and Shulker Boxes can help get you extra secured.

How to change the Color of a Minecraft Shulker Box

Dyeing a Shulker Box in Minecraft is so simple. You will not even need a Crafting Table! Now, all you have to do is place your Shulker Box and a Dye Color of your choosing into the Crafting Section. There is a huge variety of colors you can dye your Shulker Box! These colors are White, Light Gray, Gray, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Light Blue, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Pink, and Brown. If you want a more in-depth guide check out, “Minecraft: How to Dye a Shulker Box”.


How to change the Name of a Minecraft Shulker Box

Changing the name of your Shulker Box is simple as well. All you need is an anvil. Place the Shulker Box in the Anvil and change the name in the Namebar. It will only cost one Enchantment Level.


More about Minecraft Shulker Boxes

  • Shulker Boxes can be placed on Walls and Ceilings. This really helps conserve space in some cases!
  • If you dyed a Minecraft Shulker Box and decided you wanted to undye it, there is a solution. Using a Cauldron filled with water will undye the Shulker Box and return it to its default light-purple color.
  • You cannot put a Shulker Box in a Shulker Box. That would just make this item way too overpowered. 
  • Creating a Shulker Box Swapper requires 2 hoppers, 2 hopper minecarts, 1 piston, 3 droppers, 1 dispenser, 3 redstone dust, 1 redstone torch, 1 button, 11 shulker boxes, 1 repeater, and 2 rails.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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