Mod Carnival Events and their Rewards

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Last updated Feb 22, 2021

Mod Carnival Events and their Rewards

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Mod Carnival Events are events that are hosted every hour on GraalOnline Classic. To join a Mod Carnival Event you will need to be online at the time it is hosted, click the Event Notification, and select Join. The cost to participate in one of these events is between 100g-150g.

If you do not see event Notifications make sure to turn them on within your game settings.

Types of Mod Carnival Events

There are various types of Mod Carnival Events, below we have compiled a list of the various Mod Carnival Events GraalOnline Classic has to offer:

  • Bush Race
  • Cliff Climber
  • Dodge
  • Free For All

Mod Carnival Events – Bush Race

The Mod Carnival Bush race event grants 4 different event hats after winning the event several different times. The first hat being the bronze version. The Video Below shows how to complete the Bush Race event successfully.

Mod Carnival Event – Bush Race Rewards


This is the first reward you will receive after successfully beating everyone else in Bush Race 1 time.

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