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Pixel Gun 3D: Blot Shotgun (Guide, Abilities, Tips)

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Pixel Gun 3D: Blot Shotgun (Guide, Abilities, Tips)

by | Pixel Gun 3D | 0 comments

In Pixel Gun 3D, the Blot Shotgun was released on their 21.4.0 update. This Blot Shotgun is a primary weapon.

Any opinions about the Blot Shotgun? Leave a comment below so other players can see your thoughts!

Feel free to learn about the Blot Cannon as well.

Appearance & Overview of the Blot Shotgun

The Blot Shotgun has a mix of rich purple colors and bright yellows. An interesting part of this weapon is the handle because it has a spooky face. To add on, the muzzle of the Blot Shotgun appears similar to the snout of an alligator/crocodile. There is even eyes on the side of this gun to make this weapon appear even more like an alligator/crocodile! Lastly an eye also lies at the top of the weapon giving the Blot Shotgun and even more creepy design.

The Blot Shotgun is over mythical level. While using this weapon you’ll have low mobility but the damage and fire rate of this shotgun is great. Otherwise, the capacity is quite low as well.

This weapon is Cartoon Themed. Shotgun, Slows Down Target, & Lifesteal are the attributes of the Blot Shotgun.

Pixel Gun 3D Blot Shotgun Statistics

Let’s see the statistics unique to the Pixel Gun 3D Blot Shotgun!

Blot Shotgun
Weapon Category
Gallery Number
Fire Rate
Base Damage
99 (Bodyshot), 139 (Headshot)
Fixed Delay
Receives Delay
Gives Delay
Travel Time
Rocket Jump
Self Damage
Optic Sight

Obtaining the Pixel Gun 3D Blot Shotgun

You are able to purchase the Blot Shotgun from the Trader’s Van using Diamonds. If you have a 2nd or 3rd character the Trader’s Van will be unlocked at level 10 for them.

Pixel Gun 3D Blot Shotgun Performance

Firing the Blot Shotgun will cause several Bullets to burst out at once just like a standard Shotgun. These bullets for the Blot Shotgun are colored purple. If a bullet hits an enemy, the enemies mobility will temporary be lower because of the “Slows Down Target” attribute. Purple ink also comes out of the Blot Shotgun but this does not deal any damage and is purely decorative. 

Lifesteal is another great attribute the Blot Shotgun has. This attribute will regenerate some of the Blot Shotgun user’s health if a bullet of the gun hits an opponent.

A downside to the Blot Shotgun is its Fixed Delay. This causes a temporary cool-down before being able to switch to another weapon. Pixel Gun 3D weapons that do not have fixed delay make it easy to switch between weapons fast but unfortunately this isn’t the case with the Blot shotgun.

Lastly, note that the Blot Shotgun shoots a small amount of bullets at once compared to a normal shotgun. This gun still works in a “Shotgun way” though.

Tips for using the Blot Shotgun

It would be great to use this Shotgun in the Pool Party, Treasury, & Workshop Maps.

Staying in close-range of the enemy is important while using the Blot Shotgun and any Shotgun.

Shooting an enemy in the head (dealing a Headshot) will deal 139 Base Damage rather than a Bodyshot which would deal 99 base damage.

You do not have to worry much about being close to an enemy because the Lifesteal attribute is there to help you out with HP. Lifesteal does not recover Armor Damage, keep that in mind. Using modules to help with armor can be beneficial.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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