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Roblox Adopt Me World Oceans Day Event 2021

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Roblox Adopt Me World Oceans Day Event 2021

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The Popular Roblox Game “Adopt Me” is partnering with the “Whale and Dolphin Conservation” in celebration and support of #WorldOceansDay. This is a charity Partnership!

If you do not know already, “Whale and Dolphin Conservation” is an organization working to protect Whales and Dolphins all around the World. This Organization has been running for over 30 years. Uplift Games is donating over 50,000 Dollars (USD) to support the good causes.

“Adopt Me” is also going to open a community GoFundMe, so that you can help contribute to the World on World Oceans Day as well.

What is World Oceans Day?

In 2021, World Oceans Day occurs on Tuesday, June 8th.

The reason on why we have “World Oceans Day’ is to spread awareness on sustaining our World’s Oceans. Nowadays, we can do a lot to harm our Oceans and it’s important to be aware of the damage & causes.

It is additionally essential we realize why our Oceans are so valuable. The Oceans are filled with so many fascinating creatures such as Dolphins and Whales! We always want to take care of our Sea Animals.

The Theme of this years Oceans Day is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods”. 

The Ocean covers over 70% of our Planet, why wouldn’t we want to protect it?

Items to get on Roblox Adopt Me for the World Oceans Day Event

For the Adopt Me World Oceans Day Update, there is so much to be discovered! An Ocean Egg has already been in the Adopt Me game for awhile.

From Tuesday (June 8th 2021), you will be able to get a set of new Rewards. The Ocean Day Event is Officially Releasing the Exact day of Worlds Ocean Day. How Cool!

Whale & Dolphin Conservation Pins

For this Event, Adopt Me is giving away awesome Pins! Make sure to check the Ocean Stand every hour to collect a new Exclusive Pin.


Musical Conch Shell

The Musical Conch Shell item is a lovely Instrument. From this item, the Conch Sounds are provided by The University of Aberdeen.


Clam Stroller

The Clam Stroller Item is a super cute addition to Roblox Adopt Me! You will find a beautiful Pearl inside the Clam.


Ocean Egg Pets

Even though the Ocean Egg has been out far longer than the other items, it is still part of the Adopt Me Ocean Day Event.

  • Stingray (Common)
  • Crab (Uncommon)
  • Dolphin (Uncommon)
  • Narwhal (Rare)
  • Seahorse (Rare)
  • Clownfish (Ultra-Rare)
  • Octopus (Legendary)
  • Shark (Legendary)

Keep up with Roblox Adopt Me Updates

The Roblox Adopt Me Game has frequent Updates. Keep up to date so you don’t miss out!

You can also Join the Official Adopt Me Discord Server to see game updates and chat with the community!

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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