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Tap Titans 2 Artifacts Guide

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Tap Titans 2 Artifacts Guide

by | Tap Titans 2 | 0 comments

This is the ultimate list containing all of the Tap Titans 2 Artifacts.

Artifacts are extremely beneificial in increasing the fighting power you and your heroes have!

Defeating titans fast will come faster with the proper knowledge of artifacts.

What are artifacts used for?

The objective of Artifacts are to give you various boosts that will help you succeed in slaying titans. 

Discovering and Upgrading Artifacts will give you major power increases.

Types of Boosts can Artifacts Upgrade

All types of boosts artifacts can upgrade include:

  • More Boss Gold
  • More Gold Per Activated Skill
  • Lower War Cry Mana Cost
  • Higher Critical Damage Chance Against Titans
  • Multiple Fairy Spawn Chance
  • Shadow Clone Effect
  • War Cry Effect
  • Lower Shadow Clone Mana Cost
  • Hand Of Midas Effect
  • Fire Sword Effect
  • Heavenly Strike Effect
  • Longer Shadow Clone Duration
  • Higher Deadly Strike Duration
  • Higher War Cry Duration
  • Higher Hand Of Midas Duration
  • Higher Fire Sword Duration
  • Helmet Boost
  • Increased Chesterton Chance
  • Increase Of All Gold
  • 10x Gold Chance
  • More Relics Per Prestige
  • Armor Boost
  • Lower Hero Upgrade Cost
  • Sword Boost
  • Increased All Artifact Power
  • Lower Deadly Strike Mana Cost
  • Slash Boost
  • Increased Tap Damage
  • Increased Clan Ship Damage
  • Increased All Damage
  • Increased Melee Hero Damage
  • Increased Range Hero Damage
  • Increased Spell Hero Damage
  • Increased All Hero Damage
  • Lower Heavenly Strike Mana Cost
  • Lower Fire Sword Mana Cost
  • Increased Pet Damage
  • Lower Hand Of Midas Cost
  • All Equipment Boost
  • Deadly Strike Effect
  • Increased Inactive Damage
  • Increased Inactive Gold
  • Increased Fairy Old
  • Heart Of Midas Gold
  • Increased Splash Damage
  • All Active Skill Effect
  • Increased All Active Skills Duration
  • Increased Tap Damage From Heroes
  • Greater Mana Capacity
  • Increased Sword Attack Damage
  • Pet Damage Bonus
  • Pet Gold Bonus
  • Multiple Spawn Chance
  • Increased Non-boss Damage
  • Increased Boss Damage
  • Reduced Titan Hp
  • Quicker Mana Regeneration
  • Higher Boss Timer
  • Increased Ground Hero Damage
  • Increased Flying Hero Damage
  • Decreased All Upgrade Costs
  • Increased Companion Damage
  • All Active Skill Cool Down Rate
  • Increased Stealth Gold
  • Increased Titan Slayer Damage
  • Increased Mana Refund Percent
  • All Probabilities
  • Portar Chance
  • Hero Weapon Boost
  • Manni Mana Chance
  • Aura Boost
  • Snap Chance
  • Knight Boost
  • Warlord Boost
  • Sorcerer Boost
  • Rogue Boost
  • Multi-spawn Gold
  • Speciality Gold Bonus
  • Artifact Gold Bonus
  • Fundamental Damage Increase
  • Increased Damage Per Activated Skill
  • Increased Damage Per Artifact Owned
  • Duelist Boost
  • Aviator Boost
  • Gladiator Boost
  • Mystic Boost
  • Marksman Boost
  • Hero Weapon Set Boost
  • Hero Scroll Boost
  • Hero Scroll Set Boost
  • Damage Per Total Card Levels
  • Gold Per Total Card Levels
  • Exotic Pet Gold Bonus
  • Exotic Pet Damage

How to obtain artifacts

To obtain artifacts you will first need to collect relics which are the currency used to buy artifacts.

In order to collect relics, you will have to prestige. The higher stage you are at, the more relics you will receive.

Each time you buy an artifact the price of buying the next artifact will increase. 

Different artifacts of different tiers will come at random when you discover artifacts using your relics. Some artifacts even include a relic booster or increase the power of the other artifacts!

How to Upgrade your Artifacts

Just like from how you obtain artifacts, you will need prestige relics to upgrade the artifacts you have. Each time you upgrade an artifact, the price of that artifacts upgrade rises.

Gaining Prestige Relics

The only way to get Relics is by prestiging. You get more relics based on what stage you prestige at. Prestiging at higher stages is inevitably better.


Prestige Relics Calculator

Using the Prestige Relics Calculator is a great way to see how much relics you will get based on your assets. This calculator also works for the special Abyssal Tournament.

Upgrading Relic Multipliers

There are 2 ways to increase your relic multipliers. 

The first way is by discovering the Book of Shadows artifact. This artifact is dedicated to increasing the Relic Multiplier. The Book of Shadows is classified as S-Tier. Upgrading your Book of Shadows will increase the multiplier. There is no max level for upgrading this Artifact. 

Second, some complete equipment sets have relic multipliers. These equipment sets include:

  • The Fallen Angel
  • Ignus, the Volcanic Phoenix
  • Kor, the Whispering Wave
  • Styxsis, the Single Touch
  • Ironheart, the Crackling Tiger
  • Mechanized Sword
  • Fatal Samurai
  • Angelic Guardian
  • Ruthless Necromancer
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Ancient Warrior
  • Dark Predator
  • Celestial Enchanter
  • Immaculate Arbiter

Artifacts Relic Cost

Each time you discover an artifact, the price of the next artifact will increase. Here is a list of all the artifact costs (in scientific notation).

1. 1
2. 3
3. 6
4. 11
5. 19
6. 30
7. 46
8. 69
9. 102
10. 148
11. 214
12. 306
13. 434
14. 613
15. 861
16. 1203
17. 1675
18. 2323
19. 3212
20. 4430
21. 6094
22. 8363
23. 11454
24. 15657
25. 21365
26. 29108
27. 39599
28. 53796
29. 72990
30. 98914
31. 133k
32. 181k
33. 244k
34. 330k
35. 445k
36. 599k
37. 807k
38. 1.08M
39. 1.46M
40. 1.96M
41. 2.80M
42. 4.27M
43. 6.54M
44. 10.08M
45. 15.61M
46. 24.29M
47. 37.98M
48. 59.71M
49. 94.32M
50. 149.76M
51. 238.98M
52. 383.27M
53. 617.78M
54. 1.00B
55. 1.62B
56. 2.66B
57. 4.38B
58. 7.24B
59. 12.03B
60. 20.07B
61. 33.67B
62. 56.76B
63. 96.14B
64. 163.64B
65. 279.90B
66. 3.84T
67. 53.2T
68. 738T
69. 1.03e16
70. 1.44e17
71. 2.03e18
72. 2.88e19
73. 4.09e20
74. 5.85e21
75. 8.42e22
76. 1.21e24
77. 1.76e25
78. 2.56e26
79. 3.74e27
80. 5.50e28
81. 8.12e29
82. 1.2e31
83. 1.79e32
84. 2.96e33
85. 4.04e34
86. 6.11e35
87. 9.27e36
88. 1.41e38
89. 2.17e39
90. 3.33e40
91. 5.15e42
92. 8e44
93. 1.25e47
94. 1.95e49
95. 3.07e51
96. 4.86e53
97. 7.72e55

What Artifacts should you focus on Upgrading

  1. The “Book of Shadows” is an amazing artifact to upgrade if you haven’t guessed already. It’s important to spread out the amount of relics you use, but investing some in the Book of Shadows can help you get a ton more relics to spend.
  2. Many players have vouched that the “Furies Bow” is a strong artifact worthy of being upgraded. This artifact increases your Ranged Hero Damage.
  3. To push into higher stages, any artifact that is targetted towards War Cry deserves an upgrade.

This includes, 

  • The Arcana Cloak
  • Parchment of Foresight
  • Aegis

4. The “Boot of Hermes” is a unique artifact that gives a chance of the Portar Titan being spawned. When this Titan is spawned and killed you can skip a certain amount of stages (depending on how much you’ve upgraded this artifact).

    Artifact tiers

    S: Few Artifacts in this tier, best of the best must-haves.

    A: Artifacts that are extremely well at increasing Gold and Damage which will get you far in the game.

    B: Artifacts in this tier usually include unique and special boosts but are lest efficient than the tiers above. 

    C: Generic boosts that aren’t quite special but can still be plenty of help if upgraded. 

    Artifact List: 

    Artifact name
    Flute of the Soloist
    Increased Damage per Activated Skill
    Boots of Hermes
    Chance of a Portar Spawn (The Portar is a titan that lets you skip 50 stages if killed)
    Ring of Calisto
    All Equipment Boost
    Invader’s Gjalarhorn
    All Active Skill Effect
    Heart of Storms
    Pet Damage Bonus
    Stone of the Valrunes
    Increased Gold per Activated Skill
    Book of Shadows
    Increased Prestige Relics
    Sticky Fruit
    Exotic Pet Damage
    Hades Orb
    Exotic Pet Gold Bonus
    Quill of Scrolls
    Hero Scroll Boost
    Old King’s Stamp
    Hero Scroll Set Boost
    Changed Card
    Increased Gold per Total Card Levels
    Evergrowing Stack
    Increased Damage per Total Card Levels
    Ringing Stone
    Hero Weapon Set Boost
    Foliage of the Keeper
    Marksman Boost
    Sigils of Judgement
    Mystic Boost
    The Cobalt Plate
    Gladiator Boost
    Spearit’s Vigil
    Aviator Boost
    Sword of the Royals
    Duelist Boost
    The White Dwarf
    Increased Damage per Owned Artifact
    Treasure of the Fergus
    Increased Artifact Gold Bonus
    The Magnifier
    Increased Artifact Damage Bonus
    Neko Sculpture
    Increased Hand of Midas Gold
    Strife’s Peace
    Increased All Damage
    Titania’s Sceptre
    Increased Sorcerer Boost
    Fagin’s Grip
    Rogue Boost
    Crown of the Constellation
    Warlord Boost
    Oath’s Burden
    Knight Boost
    Morgelai Sword
    Hero Weapon Boost
    Moonlight Bracelet
    Aura Boost
    Khrysos Bowl
    Stealth Gold
    Lucky Foot of Al-mi’raj
    Increased All Damage
    Parchment of Foresight
    War Cry Effect
    Bringer of Ragnarok
    Fire Sword Effect
    Laborer’s Pendant
    Hand of Midas Effect
    Royal Toxin
    Deadly Strike Effect
    Amethyst Staff
    Slash Boost
    Titanium Plating
    Armor Boost
    Helmet of Madness
    Helmet Boost
    Blade of Damocles
    Sword Boost
    Helheim Skull
    Increased Boss Damage
    Apollo Orb
    Pet Gold Bonus
    O’Ryan’s Charm
    Increased Companion Damage
    Helm of Hermes
    Increased Flying Hero Damage
    Tiny Titan Tree
    Increased Ground Hero Damage
    Charm of the Ancient
    Increased Spell Hero Damage
    Furies Bow
    Increased Ranged Hero Damage
    The Sword of Storms
    Increased Melee Hero Damage
    Hero’s Blade
    Increased All Hero Damage
    The Retaliator
    Increased Critical Damage
    Samosek Sword
    Increased Sword Attack Damage
    Drunken Hammer
    Increased Tap Damage
    Divine Retribution
    Increased All Damage
    Heavenly Sword
    Increased all Artifact Damage
    Book of Prophecy
    Increase of All Gold
    Heroic Shield
    Increased Boss Gold
    The Bronzed Compass
    Specialty Gold
    Unbound Gauntlet
    Snap Chance (The Snap is a Titan that appears and once killed, it will cut non-boss titans health in half for the next 50 Stages)
    Mystical Beans of Senzu
    Mana Refend Percent
    Earrings of Portara
    Titan Slayer Damage
    Infinity Pendulum
    Decreased Heavenly Strike Mana Cost
    Glove of Kuma
    Decreased Deadly Strike Mana Cost
    Titan Spear
    Decreased Hand of Midas Mana Cost
    Oak Staff
    Decreased Fire Sword Mana Cost
    The Arcana Cloak
    Decreased War Cry Mana Cost
    Hunter’s Ointment
    Decreased Shadow Clone Mana Cost
    Axe of Muerte
    Critical Chance
    The Master’s Sword
    Increased Tap Damage from Heroes
    Phantom Timepiece
    All Active Skills Duration
    Hourglass of the Impatient
    All Active Skill Cooldown Rate
    Elixer of Eden
    Shadow Clone Effect
    Titan’s Mask
    Heavenly Strike Effect
    Avian Feather
    Increased Inactive Damage
    Influential Elixir
    Increased Clan Ship Damage
    Fruit of Eden
    Increased Pet Damage
    Coins of Ebizu
    Multi-Spawn Gold
    Great Fay Medallion
    Increased Fairy Gold
    Zakynthos Coin
    Increased Inactive Gold
    Chest of Contentment
    Increased Chesterson Gold
    Oberon Pendant
    Manni Mana Chance
    Glacial Axe
    Increased Fire Sword Duration
    Ring of Fealty
    Increased Hand of Midas Duration
    Forbidden Scroll
    Increased Deadly Strike Duration
    Increased War Cry Duration
    Swamp Gauntlet
    Increased Shadow Clone Duration
    Ambrosia Elixir
    Increased Mana Capacity
    Mystic Staff
    Faster Mana Regeneration
    Egg of Fortune
    Chesterson Chance
    Divine Chalice
    10x Gold Chance
    Invader’s Shield
    Multiple Fairy Chance
    Essence of the Kitsune
    Multiple Spawn Chance
    Staff of Radiance
    Decreased Hero Upgrade Cost
    Lost King’s Mask
    Decrease Cost of all Upgrades
    Aram Spear
    Reduced Titan Health
    Ward of the Darkness
    Longer Boss Timer
    Durendal Sword
    Increased non-boss Damage
    Corrupted Rune Heart
    Splash Damage

    Artifact Enchantments

    There are 97 total artifacts you can have. If you have discovered all 97 of those artifacts you will be able to next get Enchantments. These enchantments will give a massive boost to some of your artifacts.

    The artifacts that you can get enchantments for are:


    • Book of shadows
    • Stone of the valrunes
    • Chest of contentment
    • Heroic shield
    • Book of prophecy
    • Changed card
    • Ever-growing stack
    • Flute of the soloist
    • Heavenly sword
    • Divine retribution
    • Drunken hammer
    • Avian feather
    • Durendaly sword
    • Helheim skull
    • Crown of the constellation
    • Titania’s sceptre
    • Fagin’s grip
    • Ring of Calisto
    • Sword of the royals
    • Spearit’s vigil
    • The cobalt plate
    • Sigil of the judgement
    • Foliage of the keeper
    • Invader’s gjallarhorn
    • Elixir of eden

    The enchantment costs are:

    1. 1.23e58
    2. 1.97e60
    3. 3.17e62
    4. 5.12e64
    5. 8.31e66
    6. 1.35e69
    7. 2.22e71
    8. 3.64e73
    9. 6.01e75
    10. 9.97e77
    11. 1.66e80
    12. 2.78e82
    13. 4.66e84
    14. 7.86e86
    15. 1.33e89
    16. 2.26e91
    17. 3.87e93
    18. 6.63e95
    19. 1.14e98
    20. 1.97e100
    21. 3.43e102
    22. 5.97e104
    23. 1.05e107
    24. 1.84e109
    25. 3.24e111

    If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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