Tap Titans 2 – Clan Fundamentals

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Tap Titans 2 – Clan Fundamentals

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In the game of Tap Titans 2, joining a Clan can be quite beneficial to your gameplay. There are no repercussions for being in a Clan and strong Clans come with tons of benefits!

If you are curious in learning more about Clans, keep on reading.

What are Clans

To start off, Clans in Tap Titans 2 are where players can gather to chat, give each other perks, and participate in Clan Raids. Clans can consist of up to 50 players.

Each clan has its own unique name as well as a snazzy logo. Joining a Clan is just an overall great way to make new friends and earn in-game bonuses.

Benefits of Being in a Clan

Once you reach level 25, you will be able to join Clans.

Clan Ship – The first massive boost you gain from joining a Clan is the Clan Ship. This Clan Ship will do a certain amount of damage to attack the Titan enemies. This Clan Ship boost is no doubt, extremely helpful.

Clan Damage Bonus – Being in a Clan also rewards you with a damage bonus! This means you will get an All Damage Multiplier that will help you in your attacks.

Higher Starting Stage – After doing a prestige it can be a hassle to get back to the stage you once were at. Well, when you’re in a clan you will start at a higher stage than if you weren’t in a clan. This is a great additional clan benefit.

Clan Crates – Clan crates are a perk that anyone in the Clan can purchase for others or receive. Clan crates cost 500 gems. The Clan Crate perk gives everyone in the Clan a large portion of Gold based on their level.

To know when you have received a Clan Crate, you will have to check in the Clan chat. There will be a notification that a Clan Crate has been dropped if someone purchases this perk for your Clan. If someone does end up buying this perk for your Clan, to redeem it you will have to simply click on your Clan Ship. A question will pop up asking if you want to use your Clan Crate.

Chatting with Players – Nothing feels better than discussing a video game that you love with a friend, right? Well, a Clan is a perfect place to discuss Tap Titans 2 with other players who love the game as well!

How to Join a Clan

There are 2 different ways you can join a Clan. 

First, start by pressing the Clan Icon on the top left of your screen


Pressing the Clan Icon will lead you to this screen. 

You can use the Clan Directory to scroll through different clans near your level. If you find a clan that seems good for you, simply join that clan.

If you already know the code of a Clan you want to join, use the Clan Code button.


If you decide you want to leave a clan, here is what you’ll have to do.

First, press the Clan Icon as you might have guessed.

Then from there, next press the “Info” Button.


Now, press the “Clan Info” section. Once done, the “Leave Clan” Button will be on the Bottom Right.


How to Create a Clan

To create a clan, you will need to be at least level 25 and have 400 gems.

If you’ve met these requirements, you can now press the Clan Icon on the top left.

From there, press the Create Clan button.

You can:

  • Create a Clan Name
  • Create a Clan Description
  • Change the privacy (public or private)
  • Change the visibility (Global or your Country)
  • Change the Stage Requirement
  • Change the “Auto Kick” Days
  • Change the Auto-Raid (On or Off)
  • Change the Clan Image (From the images provided)

Note: All Grand Masters in your clan will be Demoted if they are offline for 30 days.

If you decide to make a Public Clan, your clan will automatically be recommended to other players near your level if you keep your clan running actively.

Clan Ranks

Clan Ranks from Highest Authority to Lowest:

Grand Master 

  • Has access to settings and can start clan raids.
  • Can Kick all ranks below.
  • The leader of the Clan is automatically a Grand Master.

Master – 

  • Has access to settings and can start clan raids.
  • Can Kick, Captains, Knights, & Recruits.

Captain – 

  • Can Kick, Knights & Recruits

Knight –

  • Can Kick Recruits

Recruit –

  • No Powers.

Clan Raids and Rewards

Clan Raids are a way for you and your clan to come together and attempt to defeat as many Titan Lords as possible for a reward. You will battle these Titan Lords using a special set of cards.

Eligibility to start a Clan Raid requires a certain amount of Clan Tickets.

Clan Tickets can be earned by all members in the Clan by doing daily achievements.

There is a Max Limit of 2 Raids per week.

Clan Raid Tiers & Zones

There are 4 Clan Raid Tiers and each Tier has different level Zones.

Tier 1 –

  • Starting Tier
  • Unarmored Titan Lords in Clan Raids
  • Raid Cost will vary between 200-500 Clan Tickets
  • Rewards Tier 1 Cards
  • 10 Zones within Tier 1

Tier 2 – 

  • Armored Titan Lords in Clan Raids
  • Raid Cost will be 500 Clan Tickets
  • Rewards Tier 1 or Tier 2 Cards
  • 20 Zones within Tier 2
  • +5% Clan Morale Bonus

Tier 3 –

  • Higher level Armored Titan Lords
  • Rewards Tier 1 or Tier 2 Cards
  • Raid Cost will be 500 Clan Tickets
  • 60 Zones within Tier 3
  • +10% Clan Morale Bonus

Tier 4 – 

  • Higher level Armored Titan Lords
  • Titan Lords have a chance of wearing Cursed Armor
  • Raid Cost will be 500 Clan Tickets
  • Rewards Tier 1 or Tier 2 Cards
  • 40 Zones within Tier 3
  • +15% Clan Morale Bonus

Navigate to the “Clan Info” Section to check your Clan Raid Tier and Zone.



Clan Raid Rewards

Completing a Clan Raid will provide Clan Rewards and Rewards for yourself.

Clan Rewards

Clan XP – 

Experience for your clan will help boost your Clan up the leaderboards. Additionally, Clan XP will boost all Clan Members Advanced Start Percentage. 

Player Rewards

Clan Raid Cards –

Clain Raid Cards are used for fighting the Titan Lords in Raids, and having better Cards can really help. You will only receive cards your Clan Raid’s level or lower, unfortunately.

Dust – 

Dust is a reward you will receive that you can use to either upgrade your Clan Raid Cards or buy new Clan Raid Cards from the Dust Shop.

Hero Scrolls – 

Hero Scrolls will increase your Heroes Power.

Clan Morale

Clan Morale will be received based on the amount of daily achievements each member of the Clan contributes.

Clan Morale boosts the Clan’s Damage in Clan Raids.

There is a Cap of 30,000 Morale per Clan so it is important that as a Clan you use your Morale before it reaches that Cap.

Titan Lords

As you may know, you will be facing different types of Titan Lords in Clan Raids.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the different parts of the Titan Lords body have  their own distinct health.

The Body Parts are:

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Arms
  • Legs

Some cards will deal greater damage towards a certain body part. Make sure to read each of your Clan Raid Card’s descriptions.

Types of Titan Lords

  • Lojak the Fissure
  • Mohaca the Gale
  • Sterl the Unmaker
  • Takedar the Reborn
  • Terro the Seeker

Clan Raid Cards

As stated before, you can use a set of Clan Raid Cards to fight the Titan Lords in Clan Raids. Strategically obtaining and using the best cards you can is key.

The 3 Types of Clan Raid Cards

Burst –

Randomly, while fighting a Titan Lord the burst power can activate and do a great deal of extra damage during battle.

Afflication – 

Afflication cards are targetted to boost the amount of damage towards a certain body part of a Titan. 

Support – 

Something special about support cards is that they provide passive boosts. They will strongly boost tap damage and damage of other cards.

To see what type of cards you have, go to your card collection and press info on whatever card you want to view.


You can also upgrade your cards using Dust to increase their power.

All Clan Raid Cards

Acid Drench
Ancestral Favor
Blazing Inferno
Clan Ship Barrage
Cosmic Haymaker
Crushing Instinct
Decaying Strike
Flak Shot
Fusion Bomb
Grasping Vines
Grim Shadow
Insanity Void
Inspiring Force
Moon Beam
Prismatic Rift
Psychic Chain
Purifying Blast
Rancid Gas
Ravenous Swarm
Razor Wind
Skull Bash
Soul Fire
Thriving Plague
Totem Of Power
Victory March
Whip Of Lightning

Preparing your Card Deck

Once a Clan Raid is started, there is a 24 hour period of waiting time before the attacks. This is to alert your Clan members so they can be prepared.

A good way to prepare is by setting up your Card Deck. Card decks consist of 3 cards only. This applies to all Clan Members.

Some good Decks are:

  • Thriving Plague, Skull Bash, & Inspiring Force
  • Clan Ship Barrage, Razor Wind, & Ancestral Favor
  • Radioactivity, Maelstrom, & Rancid Gas
  • Whip of Lightning, Blazing Inferno, & Inspiring Force

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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