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The Best Mobile Adventure Games (Ultimate List)

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 7, 2022

The Best Mobile Adventure Games (Ultimate List)

by | Gaming, Mobile Games | 0 comments

Searching for the best mobile adventure games for IOS and Android? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this list you’ll find the best Adventure games out there that you can play on your mobile device!

GraalOnline Classic

Looking for a classic MMO RPG that you can go on an adventure with old and new friends? Then this is the game for you. Head on an adventure in this amazing pixel-styled masterpiece filled with fantasy creatures of all kinds and sizes. Take on quests and wage war against other players as a solo or team player, whichever you prefer.

Sky: Children of Light

Ready for an adventure hidden right in your pocket? Try out Sky: Children of Light. An adventure game with an amazing story and beautiful graphics. Explore and adventure through the seven worlds with friends in the co-op mode. Completely customize your own character and socialize with others while exploring the seven unique worlds.

Pokémon Go

If you’re a Pokémon fan then you’ll love this game. You’re now able to catch Pokémon with your phone right here in the real world. All you need to do is travel to the location (in real life) take out your poké balls and catch as many Pokémon as you can. Do you think you have what it takes to catch them all?

Rayman Adventures

Rayman once again goes on a new and exciting adventure, this time the adventure takes place from the device you carry with you everywhere. Explore the fantasy world of Rayman and his friends using your IOS or Android device. This game is packed with a fun and exciting journey about saving lost ancient eggs and in turn the troubled enchanted forest. This game is an enjoyable epic side-scrolling platformer that has over 55 playable characters.


Why play one adventure game when you can find an infinite amount of them, or better yet create your own adventure experience. Roblox is perfect whether you love to play games or create them, players can create and play each other’s games. Join and play in an endless number of unique adventure experiences in Roblox using your Android or IOS device.

Botworld Adventure

Go on an adventure in a beautiful diverse open world. Customize and add your own personality to your character, find bots that you’ll use to combat enemies, and explore the open-world landscape. There are bots with all kinds of abilities, some are fast, and some are strong. Collect and customize them to make them even stronger!

Genshin Impact

Adventure through a massive open world filled with loads of mystery and quests. Play with various characters and harness the power of the seven elements in combat against tough opponents and boss fights. The best part is that you can play with 3 other friends, making the experience that much more enjoyable.


Follow your own path and choose your own destiny and conquer the sea in this pirate adventure game. You can build your own crew that’ll follow you wherever you go. Explore various islands across the map and trade with other players.

Life in Adventure

If you’re looking for something different you might want to try out this text-based game called Life in Adventure. The game has beautiful pixel-styled graphics. You can customize your character completely even on the stats level before venturing out on your first adventure. How far do you think you can get before something goes wrong?

Grand Mountain Adventure

Snowboard across 7 huge open-world mountains, complete challenges, beat your high score, and challenge your friends to a battle of who is more skilled in this fun yet challenging sports open-world adventure game.


Embark on an adventure as Oddmar; a Viking that struggles with life in his village. Oddmar gets offered a chance to redeem himself and prove his worth… but at a price. Discover his true magical power and immerse yourself in this epic journey.

Sprite Fantasia – MMORPG

Another 3D adventure MMORPG for you to try out. You can collect pets in the game which are called “Spites”. You can strategically battle with these fantasy creatures. The other features of this game include building your own little dream island and dressing up your character in hundreds of stylish outfits. I hope you give this one a try!

Guardian Tales

Begin a new adventure playing Guardian tales. This adventure roleplaying game has a ton of cool exciting features, including some awesome puzzle-solving gameplay, strategic action combat, challenging dungeons, boss fights, and intense PvP battles. This game has a big community of players so you’re sure to make some friends too!

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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