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The Best Mobile Platformer Games (Ultimate List)

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

The Best Mobile Platformer Games (Ultimate List)

by | Gaming, Mobile Games | 0 comments

On the lookout for the best mobile Platformer games for IOS and Android? Well, this is the place to be. Platform games are a genre of games that started way back in 1981 and to this day is still a popular genre.

We’ve spent the time sifting through hundreds of platformer games out there to find the very best ones to share with you. Hence the reason why we put out this list of the very best platformer games you can download and play right from your mobile device.

If by chance you think you’ve got a platformer or two that competes with those on this list, we’d love you to comment about it in the section below, so that we can add it to our list (Thanks to you of course). Share the games you love with others around the world.

Deep the game | Platformer

If you’re a fan of Pixel styled games you’ll love Deep. The world is filled with many dangerous obstacles and terrifying creatures. Luckily you play as a cave explorer that happens to have a bow with endless amounts of arrows, super strength, the agility of cheetah… making these dangers, less dangerous. Your goal is to make it out of a cave system you got trapped in after falling into a large pit. Think you’ve got what it takes?

best games - Deep the game Platformer


This short platformer game is simple to play and takes place in a very strange world with a calm atomosphere. There are some puzzles you have to solve as you venture through a deteriorating world filled with various unstable living beings. This game has a price tag on steam, so if you’re going to play this on mobile consider yourself lucky, because it’s free.

best games - Obsolete

Swordman: Reforged

This RPG Platformer is loaded with epic adventures that you’ll take on as the glorious Sword Man equip with a starting sword and boomerang. Along the way you can collect, craft and upgrade your weapons while taking on various enemies including dangerous boss battles. There are some hidden areas that can only be uncovered if you run up against a wall so be sure to explore everywhere thoroughly.

best games - Swordman

Apple Knight

Looking for an RPG platformer game that’s fun yet easy to play? Try Apple Knight. In this game you play as a Knight whose turn it is to defeat the Evil Wizard King which many knights have failed to do so before. You’re able to collect Apples, Coins, Secret Chests and more as you venture through the land. Many enemies stand in your path but through the power of your brilliant sword… and Apples, you’ll defeat them.

best games - apple knight


If you’re a cat lover then this adorable pixel art styled platformer is for you. In this game you play as a cat who is determined to reunite with its lost owner. During your journey you acquire special abilities and meet allies that’ll aid you in achieving your goal.

best games - apple knight

Super Cat Tales 2

Another cute game for cat lovers, if you’ve tried out the previous cat game we mentioned in this list you’ll love this one even more. This game has very simple controls and super cute graphics. You can play with multiple characters while enjoying a claw-some adventure looting, finding secret areas, and defeating bosses!

best games - Super Cat Tales 2


In this Action-Adventure Platformer you play as Oddmar; a Viking that has been shunned by the other vikings. His goal is to prove himself and redeem his squandered potential. This game is unique in the sense that whenever Oddmar Jumps a mushroom spawns below him that propels him in the air. The graphics are very appealing and the it runs very smoothly.

best games - Oddmar

Stick with it

If you’re up for a challenging platformer than this is the game for you. Stick with it was created by the YouTube Sam Hogan. His game is extremely difficult even on easy mode and very few people ever make it to the end. Do you think you have what it takes?

best games - Stick with it

Mars: Mars

Another competitive yet fun platformer game you can try out. This game puts your skills to the test as you try your very best to travel from platform to platform without touching the deadly surface of planet Mars. You can unlock new characters as you progress and there are loads of Achievements that challenge you to do your absolute best.

best games - Mars Mars


This is a breathtaking Fast-paced RPG Action game filled with hordes of undead soldiers and tough boss battles. It takes place in a dark fantasy world. It’s fun to play especially when you get used to combining the controls seemlessly into defeating enemies with satisfying ease.

best games - Gimvalor

Will Hero

A princess is in trouble, and it’s your sole goal to save her in this rogue-like fast-paced sidescroller platformer game. There are various different helmets to wear while venturing off so you can save the princess while also looking really good. There are loads of weapons to acquire including swords, spears, and bombs which will all aid you in your journey.

best games - Will Hero


Love was clearly the secret ingredient in creating this experience. The attention to detail that was put into this masterpiece is incomparable. I have never seen a mobile platforming game put together this well. There are parts of this game that literally gave me goosebumps. Immerse yourself in a world where you explore your innerself in this narrative-adventure platformer work of art.

best games - Within


An adorable platformer game stylized with a sleek 8-bit look. You play as a tiny Bunny collecting carrots and keys in order to finish each of the 48 cute levels this game has to offer. There are 4 bosses to defeat… and once you’re all done be sure to try out Yeah Bunny 2!
best games - YeahBunny

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

ALSO A REMINDER. If you think you’ve found a game that can make the list of the worlds best sidescroller games, then tell us about it below. Remember a secret-secret isn’t fun.

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