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The Best Mobile Puzzle Games (Ultimate List)

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

The Best Mobile Puzzle Games (Ultimate List)

by | Gaming, Mobile Games | 0 comments

Searching for the best mobile puzzle games for IOS and Android? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent the time looking through hundreds of puzzler games on mobile to find the very best ones for you.

Candy crush Saga

The King of mobile puzzler games Candy Crush Saga. Switch and match puzzles in the sweetest puzzle game ever… literally. Form chain reactions and attempt to get the highest score in the world.

Where’s my water? 2

Help swampy the Alligator take a bath by carving through dirt to lead the water into his bathtub in this physics-based puzzle game. There are more than 100 levels to play through and enjoy in this multiple award-winning puzzle game.

Zumba Classic

This game used to be really popular on PC a while back. Now you can enjoy the game absolutely free on your IOS or Android device. It’s a classic marble shooter puzzle game. The ads can be annoying at times but you can easily by pass that by playing without being connected to your wifi.

Cats in Time – Relaxing Puzzle

If you’re a cat lover you’ll live this Puzzle game. Cats are hidden in various locations, some behind secret doors, and others hidden in plain sight. Your goal is to find every cat in each level and save them. There are currently 290 cats to save. Do you think you have what it takes to save them all?

Ball Sort – Color Puzzle Game

Sort through a variety of different colored balls into separate jars in this casual puzzle game.


Possibly the most popular puzzle game of all time, Tetris. There are new exciting game modes including a 100-player Tetris Royale mode where you battle against 99 other players to be the last one standing.

Unblock me

Solve the Puzzle and attempt to get the red block free. Choose from three game modes to play; Relaxed, Challenge, and Daily.

Pipe Art

A simple yet fun puzzle game. The goal is to connect all of the pipes using the least amount of turns possible. Only the pipes of the same color can be connected. As you progress the rounds get more and more challenging.

Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle

Roll the ball is an addictive puzzle game. You have to align the pipes in a way where you’ll obtain all of the stars in the game while also leading the ball to the end.

Tiny room

In this escape room styled puzzler game you’re a detective. Your goal is to solve puzzles in a 3d rotatable interactive world where you can pretty much click on everything. This is probably the most enjoyable puzzle game I’ve played on this list.

Angry Birds Journey

A fun, interesting physics-based casual puzzle game featuring angry birds and pigs. There are hundreds of exciting levels to play through. Your goal in this game is to slingshot your set of Angry Birds against pigs to take them out and recover stolen eggs.

Magic jigsaw puzzles – Game HD

Join a large online community of puzzle lovers and complete jigsaw puzzles raging from various difficulty levels. There are currently 30,000+ puzzles In the game some with well over 1000 pieces to put together!

The girl in the window

This one is a horror puzzle game with interesting twists and somewhat difficult puzzles. It isn’t exactly the scariest game in the world, but it is pretty creepy. There are clues all around the place and you can view each side of the room and inspect each object. Do you think you can solve the mystery?

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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