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The Best Mobile RPG Games (Ultimate List)

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

The Best Mobile RPG Games (Ultimate List)

by | Gaming, Mobile Games | 0 comments

Searching for the best mobile RPG games for IOS and Android? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured through hundreds of Role-playing games on mobile and set up this list of the very best ones to play.

This definitive RPG Game list contains all kinds of Role-Playing Games, including turn-based RPGs, Adventure RPGs, Idle RPGs, side-scroller platformer RPGs, and Classic Role-Playing Games.

Graal Online Classic

One of my very own all-time favorites and a game I still play today, the first content we’ve ever written about was on this masterpiece of a game. The MMO RPG is packed with PVE and PVP combat with Seasonal leader boards and trophies to obtain. Unlike most games these days in Graal Classic you can completely customize your own character to the very last pixel. There are tons of cool items to collect that’ll allow you to do more as you obtain them, if you’re interested in playing this game make sure to check out our guides too.

Guardian Tales

Begin your adventure in Kanterbury, a world filled in turmoil from an attack of the Invaders, destined to be saved by the Legendary Guardian… You. Solve puzzles that lead to hidden treasures and dive head on into fun exciting battles against strong deadly bosses. There are over 50 heroes to collect and 100 weapons to use each with their own unique abilities. This classic RPG has everything you’re looking for in a RPG including one of the best storylines.

Micro RPG

A simplistic and adorable turn-based little RPG game. Plan out your attacks and tap at the correct time to attack and defeat enemies. A missed target or wrong click could be fatal.

Collect and upgrade your weapons to become the Legendary hero you were destined to be.

Botworld Adventures

Start of your journey by choosing between 4 character species (Buffalo, Cat, Dog, and Lizard) and one of three starter Bots (Chaser, Tank, and Evader). Discover and collect more Bots as you play and outsmart your foes by using them in a strategic manner. The best thing about this RPG is it’s large beautiful and diverse open world terrain. You can freely explore all of its glory, but make sure you have Bots while you travel, you never know what dangers are lurking around…


An adorable pocket-sized sidescroller RPG where you take on various deliveries, may it be difficult or dangerous. In PostKnight the weapons and shields you use affect the look of the Knight, so you can be glamorous and heroic all at the same time. Whenever you level up you’ll get to decide what you’ll use your newly acquired skill points towards (Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Vitality). Make sure to think carefully when making a decision, the only way to reset your skill points is to pay with your hard-earned Gems.

Idle Heroes

A unique Idle RPG you can play on your mobile device. While you’re away from your device you can set your heroes training. When you return they will have new found abilities and be even stronger than before. There are more than 200 heroes to collect, each with their own unique abilities. You can fight alongside your friends in guild wars, and as you know playing anything with your friends makes it a lot more fun!

Soul Knight

Delve into the action-packed adventures of soul knight. Explore dungeons, dodge enemy attacks, and take on your foes with hundreds of explosive weapons. Take a pet with you to battle so you’ll never feel lonely.

The thing I love about this game most is its auto-aim mechanic that is far superior to most games that I’ve played with a similar idea in mind.

Slime RPG 2

This platformer RPG game is rated with a whopping 5 Star average on Google play. It has some game mechanics that I have never seen in another game yet, Including the ability to basically almost teleport between platforms with the click of a button. It’s a very simplistic game with lots of cool different kinds of slides based on the terrain they’re in. This is a great game to play if you have limited time periods to enjoy games.

best games - Slime RPG 2

My Heroes

Venture out after selecting one of five classes (Warrior, Mage, Priest, Ninja, and Ranger) in this classic RPG shooter game. Hone your skills as you take on hordes of enemies while saving the world and fight against epic deadly bosses. My Heroes has adorable pixel art styled graphics and is packed with fun filled adventure. You can chat with other players of the game to make some friends and even join their guilds… or better yet create your own!

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is filled with Adventure. Battle enemy Hilichurls with a team of 4 allies who are masters at one of seven elements. Use your elemental power in glorious strategic synergies to deal powerful strikes, explore a large open-world map and find hundreds of treasure chests filled with artifacts and weapons. This cross-platform game is one of the most popular multiplayer RPG games to date. Hop in and discover a world of adventure.


Minecraft has held the crown for the most played game for a long time and is here for a huge comeback. There are loads more to be found in the game which returning players are sure to love. Explore, Mine, Craft, and Build in this beautiful world of blocks all while defending yourself from hordes of the undead.

FFVII The First Soldier

If you’re one of the millions of fans of Final Fantasy series, this is the mobile game for you. Customize your very own character to play as in the Final Fantasy universe. You can use your sword, guns and Magic in this RPG-Infused Battle Royale shooter. This amazing blend of Call of Duty and Final Fantasy is sure to be something you’ll spend hundreds of hours trying to master.

Magic Rampage

Pick between 10 Classes to customize and play as in this Platformer RPG sidescroller, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Smash in-game objects to find Gems and Gold, search through the area to find secret hidden areas with amazing loot, and battle tons of enemies all while enjoying the storyline of this epic RPG.


You start off your journey in this breathtaking game with a stick for a weapon and a note from your father. Embark on an epic journey as you take on a variety of in game enemies while soaking in the beauty of its 3D visuals. Combined with its compelling story, playing this game is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Another Eden Global

Ready for an RPG with a gripping story that pulls on the heart strings? Try out this modern yet classic RPG that transcends space and time. Filled with Adorable cats and kittens, this game is sure to put smile on the face of any cat lover who plays it. The epic storyline runs across the past, future, and present with loads of untold mystery.

Summoners War

Yet another one of those games I’ve spent hours playing way before this website even existed. In this hard-core RPG you play as a summoner whose goal is to be the best of the best. There are well over 1000 Monsters to summon, level up and evolve in this fantasy RPG. This game is packed with hours of RPG gameplay, dungeons, missions, events and just general fun.

Arcane Quest Legends

Enjoy a classic offline action RPG experience with marvelous graphics. Choose your own path as you strive to become either a merciless hunter or the lands savior. Fight hordes of orcs, undead, demons and other terrifying creatures. Do all of this and more with no interruptions from Ads!

Machine Knight

There are a couple of RPG games developed by KEMCO that stand out. RPG Machine Knight is one of them. This game features battle mechanics similar to the old-school Final Fantasy games and is backed by a wonderful gripping tale of a young man from another world. It’s entirely free so you can play through the entire story without spending a dime.

Questland: Turn Based RPG

Looking for something different? Try out this tactical online turn-based role-playing game. This game features a unique battle system where you have to merge orbs of the same color together to perform attacks, use magic or heal. Kind of similar to a puzzle game. Merging white orbs will result in healing, red orbs will result in attacking and blue orbs… magic. Collect and upgrade gear and test your skills against vicious foes and real online players in this turn-based RPG.


Customize your very own character and become the Rage Knight you were destined to be. Fight against powerful deadly foes wielding your gauntlet of power. Battle friends in its competitive multiplayer mode. One of the best things about this game is that the only ads there are, are ads that are optional to each for additional rewards, making gameplay seamless and uninterrupted by intrusive ads.

Legend of Solgard

Put your mind to work in this insane puzzle RPG. Prevent the end of the worlds and come up with awesome battle tactics. Defeat your foes by Summoning legendary God’s from Norse Mythology. Become the true Legend of Solgar defeat epic bosses and evil villains by battling with fantasy creatures you’re already familiar with.

Mighty Quest

Look big or die trying in the magic lands of Opulencia. A mighty King has left his throne for quite some time, legend has it that he set out to obtain the best of loot to earn the title of the Looter King. Will you head out to save your king, or will you take his throne?

Gear up and never give up with over 1000 pieces of marvelous stylized gear. Become the mightiest hero of all in this intense action RPG adventure.

Exiled Kingdoms RPG

Play this Classic Action-RPG with a thrilling story and an open world worth exploration. Talk to various NPCs and solve hundreds of fun filled quests. There are hundreds of secrets to uncover and death awaiting the unwary adventurer around every corner. Spend your skill points to be the strongest or wisest in the land and make choices with consequences.

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Yet another insane action-packed sidescroller RPG for you to enjoy right from your mobile device. Choose from a cast of 4 unique shadow warriors each representing their own playstyle. Collect Souls and Upgrade your skills and weapons and carve your way through hordes of unique enemies. If you end up liking this game, there are other Shadow of Death games to try out too.

Raid Shadow Legends

You already know… the gacha RPG that’s pretty much sponsoring every YouTuber out there, Raid Shadow Legends. Battle your way in this visually stunning game and take on your friends in insane PVP battles too. Summon powerful champions from a selection of 400+, that are arranged in 14 different factions. Assemble the perfect team capable of taking on everyone.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

If you want to let us know about a good RPG game that you think can make the list, let us know by commenting below.

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