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The Best Mobile Side-scroller Games (Ultimate List)

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

The Best Mobile Side-scroller Games (Ultimate List)

by | Gaming, Mobile Games | 0 comments

Searching for the best mobile Side-scrolling games for IOS and Android? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Some of the very first side-scroller games ever created were side-scrollers. This includes the most famous video game icon of all time… Mario.

Now you obviously don’t want to download every side-scroller out there to find the good ones. Hence the reason why we put out this list of the very best sidescroller games you can download and play right from your mobile device.

If by chance you think you’ve got a sidescroller that competes with those on this list, we’d love for you to comment about it in the section below, so that we can add it to our list (Thanks to you of course) and others around the world can enjoy the games you love as well.

Super Mario Run

Of course, Nintendo’s Mascot and most famous video game character in history shows up on this list. Mario can once again be played in this new-styled fast-paced game that you can play with just one hand. He isn’t alone though, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Toadette and even Yoshi are playable characters that you can unlock too, each with their unique abilities. This game has 2 other game modes including a Kingdom Builder where you can build housing for toads that you unlock and Toad Rally where you can compete against your friends and challenge people from all over the world.
best games - super mario run

Jetpack Joyride

In this free epic sidescroller game you play as a Barry Steakfries who flies using a Jetpack racing against crazy scientists to the end of an endless lab. There are several kinds of Jetpacks to choose from each with its own unique features. Barry has to dodge many lasers, guided missiles and zappers to avoid being fried to a crisp using various jetpacks, gadgets, vehicles and power-ups while also attempting to complete countless of Missions.
best games - Jetpack joyride


If you’ve played Flappybird you’ll love this Award-Winning Action adventure game. In this game you play as a strange bird like creature while trying to avoid the edge of the screen catching up to you. You can collect orbs that make you larger or smaller as well as other birds to join you pack, but each of these comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The scenery is mesmerizing and many players have rated this game 5 stars. After all it is an award winning game.
best games - Badlands

Alto’s Adventure

You play as Alto whose Llamas have escaped his village. Your objective is to reclaim your lost Llamas by snowboarding over a magnificent snow covered mountain. There are various obstacles along the way which you’ll have to avoid. The game tracks the amount of distance traveled per run and keeps your highscore saved. There are upgrades to purchase and many goals (missions) to complete which allows you to level up. Ready to have an adventure?
best games - Alto's Adventure

Monster dash

Barry Steakfries makes his appearance yet again in another sidescroller game by Halfbrick studios. In this game your objective is to exterminate monsters using your handy gun while traveling as far as you possibly can.
best games - Monster Dash


If you’re a freak for Metal Slug you’ll love this game. Hunt down offers a modern mobile Metal Slug like experience directly from your mobile device. It has a retro feel to it and delivers fast-paced strategic combat against gangs and a slew of Mob Bosses in a pixel-crafted city.
best games - Huntdown


Ever wanted to control the Hero you become? In this game you get to choose whether you’re cruel, money driven or friendly. Based on the choices you make when speaking to the NPCs you’ll either earn more or less Gold. Will you succumb to greed or be the poorest Hero to ever live?
best games - Reaper

Dark lands

Dodge dangerous traps and fight against endless hordes of deadly enemies in this infinite combat runner action game. You can play the Adventure mode packed with 40 unique missions or test your skills in the endless survival mode. One of the best features of this game is that the traps don’t just affect the player so you can use them to your advantage when defeating opponents.
best games - Dark Lands

Rayman Adventures

As a kid i used to play Rayman on Pc. I was thrilled to see there is a version of Rayman on mobile. In this 2d Mobile version of Rayman you can explore 7 unique worlds while rescuing captured Ancient Eggs. There are over 55 playable characters to choose from and 200 levels to play through.
best games - Rayman Adventures

Forgotten Anne

This is one of the most beautiful games on this list. The art styled is jaw breaking. Unfortunately not many games have a Female as the main character, but this game does and it does a great job of it too. There are fun yet challenging puzzles to solve in order to progress.
best games - Forgotten Anne


You play as a young boy who lost his dog in this sensational puzzle platformer. There are loads of simple puzzles to solve and mini-games to play as you embark on your quest to save your lost canine. How far would you go to save your pet?
best games - Fetch

Fast like a Fox

This game has a unique play style where you’ll have to tap the back of your mobile device in order for the Fox to run and tap the screen for it to jump. The faster you tap the faster you’ll run. You objective is to reclaim the lost treasures of the golden Fox tribe. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?
best games - Fast like a fox

Banana Kong

Run, Jump, Glide, Vine Swing and Swim as fast as you can to get away from a Banana Avalance in this unique sidescroller game. You can get power ups, hats, and parachutes using the Bananas you collect along the way. There are various obstacles in the way some of which can be broken through to start a mini-game!
best games - Banana Kong

Mimpi Dreams

This game is one of the best sidescroller platform games on the list. It’s about a lazy Dog called Mimpi who becomes a superhero in his dreams where this game takes place. It has a ton of interactive objects which in some cases are disguised as puzzles to solve. The game has an appealing appearance and there are various skins to collect for Mimpi as you progress.
best games - Mimpi Dreams

Maze Castle

This is one of the more challenging games on the list. It’s an Arena-fighting sidescroller game where you go up against 5 opponents in a row using the same health bar. The goal is to beat all 5 without dying. It takes some practice but with the right combination of moves and learning how to predict your opponents you can defeat them with ease. Are you ready for a challenging experience?
best games - Maze Castle
If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.
ALSO A REMINDER. If you think you’ve found a game that can make the list of the worlds best sidescroller games, then tell us about it below. Remember a secret-secret isn’t fun.

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