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The Best Roblox Games You Can Play With Friends (2021)!

Written By Light

Last updated Jun 8, 2021

The Best Roblox Games You Can Play With Friends (2021)!

by | Roblox | 0 comments

Searching for the best Roblox games to have fun, make new friends, or play with your own friends and family? You’ve come to the right place, we’ve created the best list of games that we’ve had fun playing ourselves!

If you find something you like or have any Roblox Game Suggestions make sure to comment below <3

Best Roblox Games List:

Bad Business

By Bad Business

Roblox Games - Bad Business

Bad Business is a fun Multiplayer shooting game. In this game, you play a role in either the Red or Blue team and compete to collectively gain the most kills during a match. You can also earn and purchase in-game credits to obtain cool-looking skins for both your guns and character.

Think you got the Aim needed to take out your enemies?

Ninja Legends

By Scriptbloxian Studios

Roblox Games - Ninja Legends

Ever wanted to be a Ninja and have the ability to double, triple, and even quadruple jump to new heights? If so then Ninja Legends is the game for you! Explore almost endless amounts of worlds whilst becoming the best Ninja out there in this action-packed Roblox Game.

Ready to Explore an Endless world?

Tower of Hell

By YXCeptional Studios

Roblox Games - Tower of Hell

This is one of the most challenging games I have ever played on Roblox. It is extremely difficult and Frustrating but that makes it even more worth it if you can manage to be the first to reach the top of the Tower?

Can you reach the Top?

🍕Work at a Pizza Place

By Dued1

Roblox Games - Work at a Pizza Place

This one is the very first game I ever played on Roblox with some friends. It is extremely fun and has a good lesson behind it… Teamwork.

Ready to Fulfill food orders?

Murder Mystery 2

By Nikilis

Roblox Games - Murder Mystery 2

In this Roblox game, you are selected to be either the Murderer, the Sheriff, or an Innocent Civilian. The Murderers’ goal is to hunt down every single player without being caught. The Sheriff’s goal is to find out who the Murderer is and shoot him/her. The Innocent Civilian’s goal is simply to survive.

Want to give it a try?

Be A Parkour Ninja

By Aurarus

Roblox Games - Be A Parkour Ninja

In this game the only thing that matters is skill. The aim is to kill as many opposing Ninja’s without getting killed. Each kill adds to your “Killstreak”. Your goal is to have the highest streak. You can double jump and run up walls and even throw shurikens, like a real Ninja.

Are you skilled enough?

The Clown Killings Reborn

By Legend Gaming

Roblox Games - The Clown Killings Reborn

This game is just like Murder Mystery 2, with a scary feel to it, as you’re being hunted down by a creepy-looking clown. In this game, the Clown can jump a lot higher than the other players.

Are you scared of Clowns?

Broken Bones IV

By Zaquille

Roblox Games - Broken Bones IV

This is one of the most unique games I have ever played on Roblox. In this game, your objective is to jump off a high cliff and break as many of your own bones as possible until you reach the bottom. The more of your own Bones you break, the higher your score will be.

Ready to break your bones?

Whatever Floats your Boat

By Quenty

Roblox Games - Whatever Floats your Boat

Ever wanted to be a Pirate? In this game, you get to build your own boat, in any shape you want to before setting out on your journey to take out other Pirates. You can play and team up with your friends and family.

Ready to set sail?


By ROLVe Community

Roblox Games - Arsenal

Arsenal is a fun shooter game where you can either play in teams of two, four, or solo. After every kill you get, your weapon automatically switches to a different one. In order to be the best, you need to learn to play with a variety of weapons.

Want to give this game a try?


By Fierzaa

Roblox Games - KAT!

KAT! is a Free-for-all action-packed fast-paced shooter game, where you use a gun and a knife to slay your enemies. Your goal is to get the most kills during each match. There are lots of different skins you can obtain for both your gun and knife.


By Badimo

Roblox Games - Jailbreak

In this game, you play as either a Police officer or a Prisoner. The goal of the Prisoner is to escape and rob various places while the Police officer’s goal is to capture all Criminals and keep the Prisoners contained in the Police Station.

Word Bomb

By OMG Go!

Roblox Games - Word Bomb

Word Bomb is an awesome game for kids with a thirst for learning as they play. In this game, the goal is to come up with a word that contains the letters displayed on the screen. You have a limited time to do so, and if you waste too much time… the bomb explodes, and you’re out! 


By Team Deathrun

Roblox Games - Deathrun

Deathrun is a challenging game. The goal is to complete each stage as fast as possible while avoiding falling into ditches, getting hit by boulders along with other dangerous challenges. It’s basically like a series of obby’s with added danger.

Mad City

By Schwifty Studios

Roblox Games - Mad City

Mad City is similar to Jailbreak, except instead of just having the option of being a prisoner or a police officer, you can be a Hero too. There are several kinds of heroes to choose from, each with its own set of cool abilities. Some can run extremely fast and others can even fly!

Bee Swarm Simulator

By Onett

Roblox Games - Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator is one of the best games I’ve ever played with my friends and family. In this game, you start off as a bee tamer with the goal to collect the most honey! You can use the honey you collect to upgrade your gear while taking on fun quests given to you by Bears.

Want to give Bee Swarm Simulator a try?

BIG Paintball!

By BIG Games

Roblox Games - BIG Paintball!

This game is loads of fun and challenging! In this game, you join matches that last about 10-20 minutes and participate for the most points! You obtain points by shooting other players once with your paintball gun eliminating them in a single shot. There are cool power-ups you can purchase too. Making it that much easier to eliminate other players. As you rack up more points you’ll acquire new weapon skins.

Are you up for the challenge?

Horrific Housing

By CookieScript

Roblox Games - Horrific Housing

Horrific Housing is a fun competitive game where you participate against all the players in the lobby you’re in. Random fun events take place at a fast pace which can lead to your house being destroyed or losing the match. There can only be one winner per round. This is fun to play alone but can be twice as fun playing with friends.

Want to give this game a try?

Zombie Strike

By Good Ape

Roblox Games - Zombie Strike

Zombie Strike is a Roblox game in which you have to take down many different kinds of zombies with tons of different kinds of gear at your disposal. There are huge Zombie bosses too, it can be really fun and addicting.

Want to take out some of your anger on some Zombies?

Fashion Famous

By Fashion Famous

Roblox Games - Fashion Famous

Fashion Famous is a popular game where you are given a theme to follow and compete to come up with the best outfit using a wide range of hairstyles, shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, hats and even changing your skin color.

Got what it takes to be Fashion Famous?


By ArcadeRockstar

Roblox Games - Impostor

Imposter is a 3D Among Us game on Roblox. In this game, you try to figure out who the Imposter is on the ship and vote them out before they end up killing everyone on board.

Super Doomspire

By doomsquires

Roblox Games - Super Doomspire

Super Doomspire is an exciting Multiplayer Roblox game filled with loads of fun game modes to try out, the main game mode features a team match where your team would have to destroy the opposing team’s fortress and spawns, and then taking out all of their members. There are cool equipment pieces you can purchase with the coins you collect while you’re having fun!

Speed Run 4

By Vurse

Roblox Games - Speed Run 4

This game is a fun fast-paced challenging platformer game where the goal is to perform a series of parkour jumps to reach the end of each level without falling off. There are 30 levels in total, each featuring its own unique song and appearance.

Can you reach the final level?

Zombie Hunting Simulator

By Beast Minds

Roblox Games - Zombie Hunting Simulator

This game features a fun experience with friends, where together you can fight through hordes of zombies, with each wave getting more and more difficult. You can collect pets that can adventure with you through your Zombie slaying journey. This game is best played with friends but you can play solo too and end up meeting friends within the game!

Want to slay some Zombies?

Mega Fun Obby

By Bloxtun

Roblox Games - Mega Fun Obby

This game is one of the best Obby games out there. The game currently has over 2300 Stages, and more and more stages get added fairly frequently. If you think you’re the Obby king, this is the game to try out.


By Firebrand1

Roblox Games - RoCitizens

RoCitizens is an open-world game where you can choose what you want to roleplay as. You can be a Cop, thief, chef, and even work as a driver. This game is extremely fun to play. You can also own vehicles as well as your own house and decorate your house with loads of cool furniture.

Want to give it a try?

💀tribe sim💀

By small games

Roblox Games - Tribe Sim

Tribe Sim is a survival-based game. This game is all about gathering resources, completing quests, slaying other players, and building bases. There’s a large world to explore.

Are you ready to go on an Adventure?

Mount of the Gods

By blutreefrog

Roblox Game - Mount of the Gods

Mount of the Gods is a Survival-based game where you have to gather resources, find food, build structures while the world expands around you. All of this while making sure that the “Gods” are pleased with you in the game. If you do not sacrifice some of your resources per day to satisfy the “Gods” it will anger them, and thus your journey will get harder.

Think you got what it takes?

Azure Mines

By YTFMM band

Roblox Games - Azure Mines

This is another one of the best games I have ever played on Roblox. out of all Roblox games, this game is surely in my top 5. In this game, you mine to collect all of the different kinds of Ores while upgrading your equipment as you dive deeper and deeper. There are loads of fun experiences to be had while playing this game. I suggest that you play it with friends.

Do you have what it takes to collect every Ore?

Evolution Survival

By blutreefrog

Roblox Games - Evolution Survival

Evolve. Survive. Overcome. Survival game where you are thrown Into different places in the middle of various dangerous situations and disasters. Upgrade your character, become more adaptive and buy items to increase your chances of winning, reach the top of leader boards.

I find this game to be quite a bit more fun than “Natural Disasters” even though way fewer people play this. However, playing this game makes you feel as if you’re actually progressing, whereas in Natural Disasters it seems as if you’re just competing with no goal in mind.

Click here to play Natural Disasters or click the button below to play Evolution Survival

Epic Mini Games

By TypicalType

Roblox Games - Epic Minigames

As the name suggests, this game hosts a series of Epic Mini Games in which you can participate competitively with your friends. Each Mini game is different with its own objective, most of which involves staying alive.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the Mini-Game Champion?

This list features the best list of Roblox games I have come across during my lifetime. However, I am sure there are tons of cool new games that come out each and every year, if you got any suggestions to add to this Roblox Game List, feel free to comment below.

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