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The End in Minecraft – Learn Everything!

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

The End in Minecraft – Learn Everything!

by | Minecraft | 0 comments

Whether you are just getting into Minecraft or have been a dedicated fan for years, there is always something new to learn about The End.

If you are ready to Broaden up your knowledge, this is the place for you! On the other hand, if you are looking for specific things to learn about, do not be afraid to use the Quick Links.

Please leave a comment if you found anything interesting or learned something new. laughing

What is The End?

The End is a World in Minecraft you teleport to using the one and only End Portal. When you enter the End World, you will be located on the Central Island. Around the Central Island, lies several smaller islands you can travel to.

The scary part of the End World is what surrounds these Islands. It is nothing like a paradise. Each Island is surrounded by an Endless Void. If you fall into the Void, there is no going back. You will lose everything, not even Totems of Undying can help.

Even more transpires in the End World…

  • You can get attacked by armies of Endermen
  • You can consume the Mysterious Chorus Fruits
  • You can battle the Ender Dragon
  • And so so much more!

How do you get to The End?

To get to The End you are going to have to locate, activate, and use an End Portal. You are going to need a set of materials to do so.

Locating the End Portal

  1. You are going to need “Eyes of Ender”, I recommend collecting 10-20 for this part.To craft Eyes of Ender you will need “Ender Pearls” & “Blaze Powder”. Use 1 Ender Pearl and 1 Blaze Powder to create 1 Eye of Ender.
    *No Crafting Table is required.

    To get Ender Pearls, battle Endermen and they will Drop Ender Pearls at random.
    To get Blaze Powder you will have to first go into the Nether. Once you are in the Nether you have to locate a Nether Fortress. Inside a Nether Fortress, you will find a Spawner for the “Blaze” Mob. Kill these Blaze Mobs and they will drop Blaze Rods. These Blaze Rods can simply be crafted into Blaze Powder.
  2. Next, Equip your Eyes of Ender and throw it. The Eyes of Ender will move towards the direction of the nearest End Portal. Pay close attention where the Eye of Ender goes to. Sometimes when you throw an Eye of Ender it can be picked up again, but other times it just disappears. It quite simply depends on your luck. Do not throw too many Eyes of Ender at a time, space it out. The direction of the Eye of Ender changes more frequently as you get closer. If you find yourself nearing the End Portal, throw your Eyes of Ender more often. The Eyes of Ender will drop towards the ground when you are at the right spot.
  3. Dig down at the exact spot the Eye of Ender drops to. Digging down will drop you into the Stronghold that the End Portal is located at.
  4. Once you fall into the Stronghold, search around the area for an End Portal.

Activating & Entering the End Portal

  1. For the End Portal to be activated, 12 Eyes of Ender will have to be surrounding the portal. Sometimes, a few eyes are already placed down for you. Placing the rest is up to you. 
  2. After, you can easily jump into the End Portal and you’ll be teleported to The End!

The End’s Environment

The End World has its own naturally generated set of blocks. Otherwise, there is a starry looking endless void surrounding The End’s Islands. 

Time is simply something that does not exist in The End. There is no day and night, just like in the Nether.

Another similarity between The End and Nether is that Beds will explode in both Worlds. Make sure to use this knowledge to your advantage, don’t let your beds explode and kill you! Lava flows faster in both worlds as well. On the other hand, water would flow at the same speed as in all the worlds. Water will turn purple in The End though… so no water is not normal.

Compasses do not work at all in The End. I wouldn’t waste my limited inventory space on those. Same goes for a clock, once again time does not exist in The End!

If you light bedrock on fire, it will burn for an infinite amount of time, and the fire will not spread to other bedrock blocks.

Vegetation does not apply in The End, besides from those tall Chorus Plants!

Lastly, keep in mind that even though there is plenty of obsidian in the End, you cannot travel from The End to the Nether or create a Nether Portal for that matter.

Central Island & Ender Dragon

Right as you enter The End, the Central Island is where you’ll be spawned at.

The deadly Ender Dragon lives on this Central Island. You’ll definitely want to defeat this Ender Dragon before moving around this Island.

Preparing for & Defeating the Ender Dragon

Beating the Ender Dragon may seem terrifying at first (at least it was for me), but if you have the proper gear and knowledge it should not be too difficult. Feel free to practice battling the Ender Dragon in Creative Mode if you’d like.


The Gear/Items you’ll need

Make sure to have these items in your inventory before battling the Ender Dragon. Of course, you may accommodate to your liking.


  • Diamond Sword Enchanted with Sharpness
  • Silk Touch Diamond Pickaxe
  • Infinity Bow Enchanted with Power
  • Diamond Armor Enchanted with Protection (It’s helpful to place Feather Falling on the Boots as well)
  • Totem of Undying, for extra protection :p
  • Food High in Saturation (Ex. Steak)
  • Golden Apples for Emergencies
  • Potion of Slow Falling
  • Carved Pumpkin
  • Dirt or any Building Block
  • Empty Glass Bottles

Steps to Defeating the Ender Dragon

  1. Put on Carved Pumpkin to scare off the Endermen that would otherwise attack you & consume Potion of Slow Falling.
  2. Make sure to dodge the Ender Dragons deadly Fire Attack. This Fire Attack deals a lot damage. You may also use Empty Glass Bottles to collect the Dragon’s Fire Breath.
  3. Take down the Iron Caged Crystals. Build up to these Iron Cages, and destroy the Crystal. There are 2 Iron Caged Crystals in total.
  4. Use your Bow to shoot the rest of the Uncaged Crystals. Keep in mind that these Crystals must be destroyed before attacking the Ender Dragon because the Crystals heal the Ender Dragon.
  5. Lastly, defeat the Dragon! Use your Bow when the Dragon is flying. Use your sword when the Dragon is Idle.
  6. When the Ender Dragon is defeated, you will be showered with XP and you can obtain the Ender Dragon’s Egg.

Outer Islands

The Outer Islands may be hard to reach for you, but I recommend using Elytra to help you travel. Be careful though, traveling throughout The End is dangerous. The amount of Outer Islands are never-ending so do not get lost!

All the Islands have Chorus Trees that can easily be harvested for Chorus Fruits. Also, you may find End Cities & End Ships on Outer Islands. Loot of value can be obtained!

Mobs in The End

There are only a few Mobs in The End but take caution, they are a devious bunch.

  1. Endermen – Spawns all across The End World.
  2. Shulkers – You will only come across Shulker Mobs in End Cities. There is a set amount of Shulker Mobs that do not respawn.
  3. Ender Dragon – Appears once on a Central Island. Only spawns once but can be respawned by using End Crystals.

End Cities

End Cities are quite rare in The End, but it’s worth searching for. The loot you’ll find is worth the journey. Sometimes, a few End Cities spawn near each other. Hopefully, you end up with this lucky occurrence! It’ll be easy to figure out when you see an End City because they are such large structures.

End Cities are generated with a distinct architectural design. You will see that End Cities are exceptionally tall with walls made up of End Stone Bricks and Purpur Blocks.

At times you’ll just find a simple symmetrical tower structure but there is also a chance of finding a larger complex designed End City. Of course, a voluminous End City has more loot!

The End City Tower Designs are,

  • Small Towers – easy to move around, not much complications.
  • Skyscraper Towers – difficult to move around, has many Shulker Mobs.

The structures are lit up by Ender Chests & End Rods. You probably want to collect these last if you’re looting.

Ever so often, you might see decorative banners on a structure. That’s pretty epic, huh!

Within the End City’s Building(s), there are various types of rooms.

  • Base Floors – Simple Empty Floors made of Purpur Block. These floors are located at the base, as you might have predicted.
  • Banner Rooms – At first Banner Rooms may look like an aesthetically pleasing room to chill at. Unfortunately, a dangerous Shulker Mob is situated at the Ceiling of each Banner Room. Shulker Mobs are definitely a pain to defeat, but once you have there is at least a beautiful room to gaze at in peace.
  • Small Rooms – Welp, Small Rooms are just plainly Small Rooms with nothing in them. Boring.
  • Large Rooms – Large rooms are tall and have staircases to travel downwards/upwards. These large rooms tend to lead to Loot Rooms or a different tower structure.
  • Loot Rooms – The most exciting room of all is the loot room! Valuable loot items are stored in loot rooms and you surely want to get your hands on that. Each Loot Room has 2 Chests that contain loot. To get to these Chests you’ll have to do some parkour and intense navigating around Shulker Mobs within the Room. Certainly, a good strategy would be to defeat all the Shulker Mobs in the tower first.

End Ships

To put it shortly, End Ships are Ship Structures that sometimes spawn next to an End City. End Ships are made of the same material that the other End Structures are made of (Purpur Block & End Stone Bricks). These End Ships are pretty rare finds. Additionally, End Ships have a Classic Ship Design so do not worry, when it’s there you will notice it.

3 Shulker Mobs spawn on an End Ship. One Mob is located on the Main deck, another on the Stern, and one more in the Loot Room.

  • Main Deck – The End Ship has a well-sized Main Deck. Something special to find is a “Dragon’s Head” at the Bow of the Ship (only in Survival Mode).
  • Aftercastle – The Aftercastle part of the End Ship is quite an easing place. You’ll be able to find a couple Instant Health II Potions on a Brewing Stand.
  • Loot Room – Well, you already know that Loot Rooms are exciting! In an End Ship’s Loot Room, there are 2 Chests with Loot Items & an Item Frame containing an Elytra. Beware of the Shulker Mob though.

Loot in The End Cities

  • Gold Ingots, 52.3% chance of spawn
  • Iron Ingots, 38.4% chance of spawn
  • Beetroot Seeds, 21.2% chance of spawn
  • Diamond, 21.2% chance of spawn
  • Saddle, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Iron Pickaxe, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Iron Shovel, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Iron Sword, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Iron Helmet, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Iron Chestplate, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Iron Leggings, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Iron Boots, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Diamond Shovel, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Diamond Helmet, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Diamond Chestplate, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Diamond Leggings, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Enchanted Diamond Boots, 13.3% chance of spawn
  • Emerald, 9% chance of spawn
  • Iron Horse Armor, 4.6% chance of spawn
  • Gold Horse Armor, 4.6% chance of spawn
  • Diamond Horse Armor, 4.6% chance of spawn

All the Blocks in The End

  • Obsidian
  • Chests
  • Ender Chests
  • Stained Glass
  • Brewing Stands
  • End Rods
  • Purpur Block
  • Shulker Box
  • Purpur Pillar
  • Purpur Stairs
  • Purpur Double Slab
  • Purpur Slab
  • End Stone Bricks
  • Bedrock
  • Torch
  • End Portal
  • Dragon Egg
  • End Gateway
  • Chorus Plant
  • Chorus Flower

Leaving The End

The End is a huge & timeless place. You might just get completely lost. One Youtube Comment Reads, “I spent 4 hours looking for my Original End Portal just to die in an Elytra Accident”. The fun fact is, there are more ways to leave The End… for instance, you do not have to locate your Original End Portal if you cannot find it.

Using an Exit Portal

Several Exit Portals are located around The End. They Spawn randomly and are situated at random places. Exit Portals look like a floating bedrock structure.

1. Throw an Ender Pearl into an Exit Portal.
2. You will find yourself spawned near or at the Central Island.
3. Walk to the Central Island and use your Original End Portal (Will be where you killed the dragon).


Leave a trail of Blocks wherever you Travel

Leaving a trail of Blocks wherever you Travel from your Portal is safe & smart. You won’t get lost this way and have to spend hours searching for an Exit. Glowstone is a great block to use for this since it is so bright.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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