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The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide For Among Us

Written By K4Y

K4Y is a radiant fairy who loves to connect with gamers and help them out. On her free time you'll likely find her playing video games (shocking I know) but she also goes out to garden.

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

The Ultimate Tips And Tricks Guide For Among Us

by | Among Us | 0 comments

Whether you’re absolutely new to Among Us or consider yourself an experienced player, this is a helpful resource filled with tips, tricks, and strategies that will assist you.

While reading through this post if you happen tithing of something useful comment about your thoughts so that we can share your ideas with other Among Us Players!

Crewmate Tips & Tricks

As a Crewmate in Among Us, your main objective is the vote out the Imposter(s) while you also try to stay alive. You can also win as a Crewmate by completing all tasks!

Task Tips & Tricks

As a Crewmate, you should complete tasks to the best of your abilities. Here are some tips…

Divert Power Task

When you divert power, the switch you divert says the next location you’ll have to divert power at. Most players do not notice this, but with this information you’ll know where to go next after the first divert power task.

Stabilize Steering Task

The Stabilize Steering task is classified as a “Short Task”, located in Navigation. Many players drag the steering to make it align with the center “+”. There is in fact, an easier way to complete this task. You can just tap on the center “+” to complete this task. No need to drag!

Start Reactor Task (Simon Says)

If you have trouble memorizing this task, simply close the task and reopen it again. You will end up at the same spot and the sequence will be repeated for you again to remember. 

Finish Tasks as a Ghost

After being killed in a round, it is important that you complete your tasks. If you don’t, your Crewmates cannot win from completing Tasks.

Polus Map Strategy!

Much of the tasks in the Polus Map can be done through a wall. This is strange… but helpful as a Crewmate. Try it out.

Align Telescope Task

When doing the “Laboratory: Align Telescope” task, you may find it difficult to find the right Planet. If you are stuck in this situation, just close the task and reopen it. You will get a new map that might be easier.

Make sure someone is watching while you do a Visual Task

It is important to have at least one Crewmate watch you do a Visual Task (If Visual Tasks are on in the Settings). This is because you’ll have someone to vouch that you are NOT an Imposter!

Finding the Imposter Tips & Tricks

As soon as you vote out the Imposter(s), the Crewmates WIN!!!

Find out if the Imposter is faking the Upload Task

If someone is doing the Upload Task at Admin when the game first starts, they are most likely the Imposter. You must download the files at a different location AND THEN upload them to Admin, so there is no way someone could upload files when the game initially begins. Beware of the Imposter faking this task…

Find out if the Imposter is faking the Wires Task

When fixing the wires next to Security, the task bar MUST go up once the task is complete. The wires next to security are the last wires in the task sequence.

Who committed a sabotage?!

A good way of finding out who committed a sabotage is by being aware. You may be wondering, what should I be aware of?

Well, if you are walking with a group of people and then someone stands still while a sabotage is played, they are most likely the imposter. This is because they were likely standing still to look at the Sabotage Map.

No more than 2 Crewmates can do the Download Task…

The download task is only given to 2 or less Crewmates each round. If you see more than 2 players go up to the same download task, one of them has to be the Imposter.

When visual tasks are turned off don’t panic

Even if visual tasks are turned off, you potentially can still find out if an Imposter is faking a visual task. If you are a Crewmate that has MedScan, and see someone else doing MedScan, try to hop on. If you are able to hop onto MedScan, the other play on MedScan is faking their task. Otherwise, it will say “Waiting for Player…”.

Use Security Cams during an Electrical Sabotage

When electrical is sabotaged, all the lights turn off. The cool thing is… you can see everything perfectly fine in the security cams.

Bonus Crewmate Tips & Tricks

Looking to increase your Knowledge as a Crewmate even more? Check out these Bonus Tips & Tricks!

Fixing Communications (Comms)

It is likely that most of us think that fixing Communications (Comms) is confusing.

To Fix Comms you’ll have to rotate the lever left and right while paying attention to the red button. If the red button turns off, the task has been completed. This is easier than looking at the radio waves.

Avoid going to Electrical when the Game Starts

The most common first kill happens in Electrical. You do not want to be the Crewmate who gets killed first…

Imposter Tips & Tricks

As a Imposter in Among Us, your main objective is to kill all the Crewmates without getting caught. 

You win when a sabotage is not fixed or when there are the same amount of Crewmates alive as Imposters.

In a standard Among Us game there are 8 Crewmates and 2 Imposters. 

Sabotage Tips & Tricks

A Wise Imposter will make the most out of their sabotages.

Care for some tips & tricks? 

When do you Sabotage Communications (Comms)?

If the Crewmates are almost done with their tasks, Communications is something you need to sabotage. This way the Crewmates cannot see the tasks they need to complete.

You’ve accidentally vented in front of a turned on Camera! What should you do?

When this situation arises, immediately Sabotage the Doors. This way you can run to security and kill the Crewmate who saw you vent before they call an Emergency meeting.

Never Stand Still while Sabotaging

It looks suspicious. Period.

Let the Crewmates be Sus of Each Other

Make sure to Sabotage the doors when you see 2 Crewmates in the same room. They will instantly get suspicious of one another.

You should do this after killing in Navigation…

Since Navigation is on the right-hand side of the Map, calling a Reactor Sabotage is the smart thing to do after a Navigation Kill. Reactor is all the way on the left, so all the players will run there leaving the dead body unnoticed.

Imposter Killing Strategies

You’ll have to slaughter many Crewmates during your time as an Imposter…  some of our tips, tricks, & strategies can help with that.

Make sure no one knows where the “Double Kill” Happened

When you and your Imposter Teammate Double Kill, the best move afterwards is likely to call an Emergency Meeting. This way, no one will know where the Double Kill happened because the bodies will be removed once an Emergency Meeting is called.

Trick Crewmates during Voting Session

If you’ve been busted for being Imposter and you are being Voted Off, throw a Crewmate under the bus. Tell the players that a random Crewmate is the second Imposter. The Crewmates might just believe you for this one…

Bonus Imposter Tips & Tricks

Looking to increase your knowledge as an Imposter even more? Check out these Bonus Tips & Tricks!

Find out when your Imposter Teammate killed someone

If you are playing Among Us with 2 or 3 Imposters, and you are an Imposter, there’s a way to see if your teammate killed someone. You can know if your teammate killed someone if your own kill button blinks (it blinks for a very short period of time though).

Pretending to walk up on a Dead Body

After killing a Crewmate, walk to the nearest room away from the dead body. Then when you see a Crewmate walk by, come out of the room and join them. It will seem like you both suddenly walked up on the dead body together!

The Best Tasks to Fake

The Best tasks to fake are Wires, Download, & Gas Fueling because they are long tasks. Short tasks like “Divert Power” are not the best to fake.

Practice being Imposter

On the Home Screen of Among Us, there’s a Freeplay Button. Using this button, you can practice being Imposter on whatever Map you’d like. I personally suggest practicing venting and sabotaging skills!

Keep up with Among Us Updates!

Among Us has many updates and a hard working staff! To get these updates as soon as possible, consider doing the following…

 Join the Official Among Us Discord Server to see game updates and chat with the community!

Check out the Among Us Tweets too!

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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