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Why you should NOT Start a Roblox Clothing Store

Written By Light

Last updated Apr 1, 2022

Why you should NOT Start a Roblox Clothing Store

by | Roblox | 0 comments

In this post, we’ll discuss my opinion on why starting a Roblox Clothing Store is not a good “business model” any longer after the recent change that Roblox has implemented.

Disclaimer: The content within this post is written according to the author’s understanding of how Roblox, Robux, Roblox Payouts, Roblox Subscriptions, and Roblox Groups work. The choices you make are up to you and you only. The author is not an expert in Finance or against Roblox in any way.

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  4. Roblox Clothing Store Projection Table

Roblox Changes in regards to clothing

Recently Roblox has changed the costs involved in the way they handle clothing.

Previously all you needed to upload clothing (Shirts and Pants) to Roblox was the Roblox Premium Membership which costs $4.99.

Now in order to start a clothing store, you’d need 10 Robux per item that you upload and the Subscription in order to put the clothing you uploaded up for sale.

Roblox Clothing Store Projection

In this guide, we’ll assume that we are starting our own clothing store in Roblox, with the intention of making a Profit.

This guide does not take into account how valuable your time may be, as for each person this is measured differently. Some people work 8 hours a day all year and make $16000 while others may make $100,000 a day passively.

What you need to start a Roblox Clothing Store

In order to start a clothing store, you’ll need 4 things.

  • A Roblox Group

Roblox Groups can be used to sell items in the “Store” Category of the group. This is needed to start selling Clothing on Roblox.

  • 10 Robux

Due to the recent change, Roblox now charges 10 Robux per item that you upload.

  • Roblox Premium

Without Roblox Premium you will not be able to sell anything that you upload.

  • Roblox Shirt / Pants

You’ll also need to create a Roblox Shirt or Roblox Pants using the template provided by Roblox. This can take you some time to create.

Roblox Clothing Store Projection Table

The table below displays a projection of what it would take in order to make your Roblox Store Profitable.

Table Index:

  • Your Clothing – This is your Roblox clothing, each number represents a new item. 45 was chosen as this is the amount of items you could possibly purchase with one month of having Roblox Premium.
  • Cost – This is the amount Roblox Charges you to upload a Shirt or Pants.
  • Price – This is the Price (After Roblox Cut) if you were to charge the standard 5 Robux per item in order to compete with Competitor pricing.
  • Sales – This is the number of sales you’d have to make to break even for the month.
  • Your Robux – This is the amount of Robux you’d make per item for 14 Sales.
  • Premium Expense – This is the amount charged by Roblox for you to have the ability to upload your clothing.
  • Payout – This is your payout after the Roblox Subscription amount has been taken out.
Your ClothingCostPriceSalesYour RobuxPremium ExpensePayout

The table above shows how many sales you’d have to make in order to just break even for a month of selling clothes on Roblox.

You are given 450 Robux and charged 4.99. This allows you to only manage 45 Clothing slots.

Pricing Break Down

Roblox uses a currency which is known as “Robux” which makes it somewhat harder to calculate how much you’re actually earning/losing.

Robux is also valued differently by both parties. (Roblox, and the Clothing Seller)

In order to receive the money you make through Roblox you’d need to have 100,000 Robux in your account. However, this would equate to $350 to you.

For Roblox 100,000 Robux Sold equates to more than $1000. This essentially means that Roblox earns more than $650 for every $350 you make from the payout alone.

Roblox also has other fees in place. One of these fees is included when pricing items that you create for sale. This fee is 30%. If you were to sell a shirt for 10 Robux, you’d only make 7 Robux and Roblox would make the other 3. However, Robux is worth more to Roblox than it is to you as the seller, therefore you are making less.

Issues a Roblox Clothing Store may Have

The biggest issue a Roblox Clothing seller could have is uploading the clothing itself. Not all the clothing that you upload may display.

In my case, I have recently uploaded 6 Items, one of those items do not display, yet I was still charged for the Item that does not display. This means that the other 5 Items that do display will need to collectively generate more sales in order to break even.

Your initial response to this may be to contact support, however, doing so usually ends with a “We are working around the clock to resolve your issue” many days down the line, and in my case, still not resolved to this day.

If you’ve found this post helpful, have any questions, suggestions, or problems at all, please feel free to comment below.

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